A Worthwhile Christmas Season

Thanksgiving is over. We have officially entered into the Christmas Season. Black Friday started on Wednesday afternoon and will end when all the retailers sell all the stuff they bought for Christmas. Today is called Cyber Monday. Because there is some droid somewhere making deals. I wonder what people are going to be like by Christmas, since most were angry for Thanksgiving. My email address is loaded with deals from everywhere. Every retailer that I looked at their site, has sent me an email. One retailer, I ordered 2 things and they sent me 6. Even on my social media page, retailers are sending me deals. I am making Christmas gifts this year. I am making Satsuma jelly. A satsuma is an orange that is in season now. I would rather be personal with the gift, then buy a gift card for someone. My grandmother showed me this years ago. She would make clothing or crafts or food for gifts. She could crochet better that anyone I knew. Then she could make lace doilies for furniture. It was a gift that out lasted the season. The purpose of giving gifts is to do something constructive for the person. It isn’t just to give money or to show off. It’s about 4 weeks to Christmas. What are you going to do with your gift giving? Are you going to try and empty your bank account or is it going to be a real gift? The Christmas season is here. Make it worthwhile for your family and friends.




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