Dust to dust, Ashes to Ashes

Everybody knows that phrase. It is part of a burial rite prayer from the Anglican Book of Common Prayers written in 1559. The saying is biblically based upon what we are made of. God took the dust of the earth and water and made man. Several years ago, when terrorism was fresh in our memories, it was thought that a water supply system in Louisiana was poisoned. The government suspected terrorism. Systems were shut down one by one and were tested. They kept finding strychnine in the water. A lot of people didn’t know what to do. After cooler heads prevailed, they realized that every water system had strychnine in it. It turned out that it was a trace element in all water. So were every trace element. We have zinc, manganese, iron and every other element in us. Water is filtered through rocks to be purified. And we are made of the dust of the earth. It is the saline solution that flows through us. But keeping our bodies in that perfect balance is a job of a lifetime. Any one of those elements in concentration can kill us. We are wonderfully made. You see our bodies are made of the elements of this world. When we died, those elements return to the earth. But we as a spiritual person go on to the next world. Our bodies are mortal, but our spirits are immortal. Question, are you ready to go on into the next world? Have you prepared against that day? You see, once we died, it is all over except for the crying. The chance to change your life is only here on this earth. When we die then the judgement of God comes into play. So, my advice is to prepare now.




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