With all that is going on in this world, how safe are you? I use to want to travel all over the world. But lately I think it is much wiser to travel in the USA. I like to travel and see new things and people. Between people being kidnapped and shot and terrorized anywhere in the world, well local travel seems the best choice. When 9/11 happened, it shook the US to the core. People didn’t know what to do. Even people who knew better were undone. That is when the President asked for and got by congress the Patriot Act. And America went into war time mode. Once America started catching bad guys the country went back to sleep. After 9/11, there was the Japanese earthquake that caused a nuclear reactor to melt down. Then there was the tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Then there was Hurricane Katrina. Then the wild fires in western USA. Then there was a drought that last for 5 years in the western USA. Then there was earthquakes in diver’s places and a bridge that collapse killing many. Let alone the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And there was not one man that could stop any of it. No matter how important it was to try and stop it. You know what is sad is that the American people are still asleep. How safe do you feel? Have you figured out what to do with all of this? In the 1950’s, when the cold war was raging, people built bomb shelters to try and survive a nuclear bomb. After 9/11, there were people offering to build bomb shelters. Again how safe are you in this world? It doesn’t matter if I am vaporized by nuclear bomb, or drowned by the rising sea levels or die from some plague. This world isn’t my home. This world is just temporary. The calamities that plague this world aren’t bigger than my assurance of my life in Christ. I have hope and faith in the one person who made this world in the first place, God Himself. My safety is in Him alone.

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