It seems that my emotions change with the weather. I show a brave face all the time, but my emotions don’t. I can be a calm as the sea, and someone will aggravate me and then boom. I don’t show very many sides to my emotions. I want to present a united front in this world, but Lord have mercy. It is almost like a war that rages in my heart, good versus evil. I was raised by good people who taught me to be kind and generous to people. And there are people who I would do anything for. And then there are people who need object lessons almost all the time. Because they don’t understand who they are and where they belong in this world. Then there are people who are hostile to me and what I believe no matter what. What do you do about all of this? Before I met the Lord, I was a wreak. My emotions were all over the place. It seemed that anyone could get a rise out of me. All they had to do was poke me with a stick. I had to learn to control my emotions if I ever was going to accomplish something in my life. God began to teach how to be patient with myself and others. It was a hard object lesson. But I had to forgive stupidity and go on with my life. Many people were affected by my actions. They saw something they rarely see. God had touched their lives. I was thankful for those people. But then there were the people it seems that no one can reach. Those I had to pray for and God began to help them. The longest I ever prayed for a person to get an answer from God was 22 years. The shortest time I had to pray for an answer for a blink of an eye. Use your emotions in the right way and if you need help all you have to do is ask God. It is amazing how it works in my life.





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