Before the Rocks Cry Out

I have always been a shy person. I am not boisterous about many things. I get loud when I am shoved into a corner and get angry. But this isn’t the way that God wants me to express myself. God has given me great understanding. I asked God for wisdom. Wisdom is experience and understanding. So, God had to take me through many experiences to teach me understanding. When I asked God for boldness, He put me in the middle of a battle. And I had to fight my way through with boldness. Same was with patience, giving, faith, healing and every other attribute of God. I had to learn not only how to fight my way out, but how to make the attributes of God mine. It was the only way God could trust me with His power to work in the kingdom. But back to boldness. I was young in the Lord. I was driving and came to a railroad crossing. I stopped as the train went by. God spoke to me to get out of my car and tell everyone stopped that Jesus loved them. I froze. The hand of God lifted off of me. I prayed for hours that God would forgive me and come back. I had sinned and God can’t live where sin is. He did and I have learned how to share the gospel with people. As Jesus was entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the people were praising God and saying that Jesus was the Messiah. The religious leaders told Jesus to stop the people from saying this. Jesus said if they do, the rocks will cry out (Luke 19:37-40).


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