In One Generation

During the 60’s, political activism was encourage for everyone to be involved in the shaping our country. Many pastors thought that this was a way to keep the influential power of the Church. It worked for a time because the general thought was that we are a Christian nation. Churches were involved in political campaigns. Many Christians won. More people were interested in programs more than the Gospels. It was and is a popular way to run a church. During the 70’s there were Holy Ghost revivals. People getting filled with the Spirit of God and dancing in the aisles. In the 80’s it was a time of teaching. People learning about the power of God and how to use it effectively. In the 90’s it was a time to work in the world to bring people into the church fold and help the needy. At the turn of the century the world faced disaster after disaster. Nothing was spared. Everyone was vulnerable to the disasters. And it hasn’t stopped 16 years later. It isn’t the first time this has happened. It happened in the 1st century with the new Christian church. Ephesus was the center of Christianity in the 1st century. Read Ephesians then read Revelations. In 40 years, Ephesus went from a powerful Christian church, to a church on the brink of failure. One Generation, 40 years of time, so where is the church today? And why won’t the church hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to us?

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