And how much Time do you have left?

            Time is such an elusive thing. You think you have a long time, then it ends just like that. Or you find something you really like to do and get into it. Then your time is up. As we get older, it seems that time speeds up. But when we were children, time passed so slowly. We were always in a hurry to grow up. Then when we did grow up, we wish we kids again. Life seems so topsy turvy. And how much time do you have left? When we were young, we thought we were immortal and had all the time in world. Then reality sinks in. We have so much time and once it is over, it is over. There is no more time for us. There is a story of Lazarus and the rich man. Lazarus was a homeless man. And he sat at the gate of the rich man. The rich man was only concerned with his wealth and possessions. He did not help Lazarus. One day Lazarus died. The rich man died on the same day. Lazarus woke up in paradise. The rich man woke up in hell. The moral of the story is that it does not make any difference what you have. The difference is what you do with your stuff. No one is guaranteed that they will be here tomorrow, and we need to live our lives each day as if it were our last. Then we will live our lives to the fullest. Then time will have no claim on our lives. And how much time do you have left?

Crain Blanchard.

Appearance or Repentance?

I was reading the story of Samuel and King Saul. when the children of Israel asked God for a king, God gave them Saul. He stood a head taller than any other in Israel. But his heart was not right before God. Saul was a church goer. He was at temple every time that he was supposed to be. He brought animals to sacrifice to the Lord. But his heart was not in it. All of his life he heard the gospel preached by the religious leaders. To everyone in Israel, Saul and his family appeared to be religious and that was enough. But to God, he had fallen short of the gospel. Saul did not believe God’s word. No matter who you are, God will bring you to the place where you must choose. If you do not choose to walk with God, you have made your decision. God instructed Samuel to tell Saul to destroy the Amalekites, to leave none alive including their animals. When Saul returned to Israel, he brought the king of the Amalekites and the best of the animals back. God told Samuel to meet Saul at Gilgal and to tell Saul that because he did not believe God, God has rejected him as king over Israel. When Samuel met Saul and told him what God said, Saul was sorry that he got caught, but did not repent of his sin. The difference between appearance and repentance is an attitude of your heart. Repentance is a heart felt sorrow that you have sinned against God. It is understanding that you have fallen short of God’s word. Saul did not repent of his sins and God’s kingdom was taken from him and his family. It is the same for us today. Do you just go to church thinking that’s enough? Or have you really repented of your sins before God?

Crain Blanchard.

What do I do?

When I became a Christian, I asked that very same question. I did not know what to do to be a Christian other than ask for forgiven and accept Jesus into my heart. This is the beginning of my walk with God. I had to learn a lot of things to be able to maintain my salvation. Yes, salvation requires work on our part. It is freely give, but can be lost if you do not maintain it. The bible says to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. I discovered that what the working out my salvation really means. It is getting to know our Father and Jesus our brother. It is developing the relationship that God wants from each of us. My hearts desire was to know God and to able to carry on a conversation with Him. I first needed to recognize His voice. I wanted to be sure it was God. God helped me by speaking to me through the scriptures. When I became comfortable with that voice, I could recognize it anywhere. I can hear God’s voice over anything else. I can be in a crowd of people talking and when God speaks to me I hear Him. And I can speak to God and He will answer me. My relationship developed to the point where I carry on a daily conversation with God about everything. God goes with me shopping. He finds deals for me all the time. God wants to be part of my everyday life. This is why God made us in the first place. He wants to share all that He has with us, His children. It is a Father and son relationship. Now I know what to do. I follow my Father wherever He leads me. And God is leading me home.

Crain Blanchard.

For Righteousness Sake.

When we come to the Lord and receive the Holy Spirit in our hearts, we want to believe that we can do no wrong. But this isn’t always the case. God wrote His word for us to follow. The word of God is how we learn what God expects from us. The 10 Commandments aren’t the 10 suggestions. As we walk with God, we learn what to do in this wrong. I have studied the scriptures and felt the power of God flow through me. It feels good. The bible says that the word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. I have used the word of God on fellow believers. And I have done much damage. I carelessly used the word of God, not thinking of the consequences. Then I had to pray and ask God to forgive and correct my mistakes. But when we use the word of God correctly, it will produce life and that more abundantly. I said all that to make a point. When we use the word of God like it is suppose to be used, it will produce persecution. Jesus said if the world hates me, how much more will they hate you. But this should never stop us from using the word of God. One of the things that Jesus taught in the Beatitudes was being persecuted for righteousness sake. This means that when we preach the word of God to the world, we will be persecuted for it. But Jesus said that we will be blessed because of it. So, persecution for righteousness sake is a normal thing for a Christian. Who would have thought.

Crain Blanchard.

Him whom My Soul loveth.

God woke me up this morning with the Song of Solomon. Solomon was a very passionate man. Whenever he did something, he was all in. He always gave it his very best. That was true in his love for his wife. The Song of Solomon is a book about his love and his wife’s love for him. The book is more than that. It is a book about the love of Jesus for us. And our response to our first love. Solomon’s love woke up from sleep and could not find him. She searched the house, then the garden. When she could not find him, she went into the streets to look for him. She asked everyone where he was and kept searching unto she found him. The Song of Solomon is a personal letter from God to us. It is about how we are to love God. Our love is personal and intimate. This is the way that God loves us. We are to be like Him and love the same way. Our love should burn in our hearts to the point where there is nothing else. You remember when you fell in love for the first time. All you could think about was the one that you loved. You could hardly breathe if you weren’t with your love. This is the love of God for us. And we are the image and likeness of God. Jesus is our first love. So, what am I saying? Come back to your first love with the passion that you first had. Fall in love with Jesus all over again.

“Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death;” (Son of Solomon 8:6 KJV).

Crain Blanchard.

Being Content.

King Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived. He also was the richest man that ever lived. And most people don’t know that he ruled most of the known world. Solomon was so rich that he kept the gold inside Jerusalem’s walls and dumped the silver on the ground outside the walls of the city. Solomon tried most everything. He had 900 wives which caused much grief and sorrow when he died. The son that became king went about killing his brothers and sister to establish his throne over Israel. Solomon wrote the book of Ecclesiastes. The book is inspirational, but it is writing in a matter of fact style. As you read the book, you can see that Solomon was jaded with life. Solomon started out so well with God. He was content with the gift God gave him of wisdom. But his life changed and not for the better. His father, King David, knew that God was the center of his life. And that you had to stay in God’s will to be content. Money and power don’t make you content and fulfilled. Though Solomon ruled the world, but he wasn’t a happy man. Everything he did had to be bigger and better. Does this sound familiar? Being content with God is the best thing that you can have. And it is all in the choices you make in life. Choosing to follow Jesus is the best choice you will ever make no matter where you are in life. As the bible says, Godly contentment is great gain (1 Timothy 6:6).

Crain Blanchard.

This Day in 1944.

On this day in June 1944, my dad, William Preston (Bill) Blanchard, was on a troop transport off the coast of Normandy, France. My dad was a combat engineer. He landed on the Omaha beach on D-Day +1. He followed the troops into Germany. Dad served on all theaters of the WWII. He fought in the battle of Dutch Harbour and won the bronze star. He went to Africa then to England for preparation for D-Day. When Dad returned home, he and mom got married. I was the second son. Dad was going to ULL to become an engineer. But when my older brother came along, he went to work and never look back. He worked in the US Post office for 35 years. He never really talked about his time in the military. Before the war, dad worked for ATT. After the war they wanted him to go to Bermuda to set up their phone system. He told them that he had traveled the world and all he wanted to do was stay home. He quit that job and went to the Post Office. Dad was a friendly man. People loved to talk to him and he knew a lot of people. As most men did on this date in history, they gave their youth to fight a war for freedom. But that is who soldiers are. So today I am remembering my dad and the young men that gave their lives for freedom some 77 years ago.

Crain Blanchard.

Who are the Faithful in Christ Jesus?

In the book of Ephesians, Paul wrote to them from prison in Rome. He was checking up on them. Paul heard a lot wonderful things coming out of the Church at Ephesus. He heard how the church was reaching out to not only the city but was moving out into the countryside. Six other churches were started because of the church at Ephesus. Paul reminded them that our life is in Christ Jesus, who paid the price for our sins. He said that this was the plan of God and by HIs grace we received His inheritance. God’s inheritance is redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ and following Him all the way home. There are many forces that push against us in this world, the cares of this world, fear, guilt, anger and unbelief. Paul wrote to encourage the saints to keep going. He wrote that because people get discouraged when the world pushes back against the gospel. But when we go in the power of the Holy Spirit, the world sees God and what He can do. This is where things change and God shows His love. We are saved by the love of God and that love is shown to the world when we are faithful in Christ Jesus. This means that we will walked in the Spirit and not in the flesh. Paul was concerned that the Ephesians would not follow after Jesus and lose their way. Ephesus was the center of Christianity in the first century. But they did lose their way. The center of Christianity moved to Alexandria, Egypt in the second century. We are called to be faithful in Christ Jesus. So, who are the faithful in Christ Jesus?

Crain Blanchard.

Memorial Day Present and Accounted For.

Andre Boutte, French and Indian War, 1763.

Francois Boutte, Louisiana Militia, American Revolution, 1775.

Calvin and Luther Blanchard, Massachusetts Minute-Men, 1775.

Thomas Blanchard, North Carolina Militia, 1776.

Thomas Newton, Commissioner, US Navy, 1776.

Thomas O. Blanchard, War of 1812.

Francois Boutte, War of 1812, Battle of New Orleans, 1814.

Albert G. Blanchard, Maj. General, 9th Louisiana, CSA 1861.

Calvin and Ebenezer Carson, 16 Alabama Cavalry, CSA 1861

Carey Edward Blanchard, 17th Texas Brigade, CSA 1864.

William P. Blanchard, 71st Inf., US Army 1941.

Neal Blanchard, Doctor, US Army, 1941.

Dyer Blanchard, US Navy, 1941.

Hal McGown, Lt. General US Army, Korea and Vietnam, 1948.

Felix Castille, 1st Marines, Korea, 1951.

Charles Blanchard, US Air Force, Vietnam.

William Carson Blanchard, US Army Medic, Vietnam.

Burl Crain Blanchard, US Air Force, Vietnam.

Jonathan David Blanchard, US Army, Iraq.

Joel Christopher Blanchard, US Army, Iraq.

Joshua Luke Blanchard, US Air Force, Afghanistan.

Jared Blanchard, US Army, Iraq.

William Preston Blanchard III, US Army, Iraq.

My older brother was a Physician’s Assistant in US Army during the Vietnam War. I served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. Three of my sons and two of my nephews serve in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since my grandfather came to this country in 1637, our family has defended it. My family are patriots. There are a lot of people who have served our country and I am thankful for it. We are blessed by God with a good land to live in. And it is worth defending our country, no matter how bad it seems to be. I just want to thank the men and women who have served our country in the military. It is right to honor them. Have a blessed and safe Memorial Day.

Crain Blanchard.

God’s Time.

Yesterday I wrote about growing in the Lord. In this world of instant gratification, we want it now. But that not what God’s about it. We do not have the capacity to learn everything instantanously. I do not care how smart you are. No one can absorb all the knowledge of God instantly. We learn precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little and there a little. Why can’t I learn like I want? It is very simple. In the learning, we are change into the image and likeness of God. This change can’t happen at once. Do you remember how and when you came to the Lord? Do you remember the pain and suffering you went through just to ask Jesus to forgive you? Now think about magnifying that pain and suffering by 50 fold. Do you think you could bear all that suffering at once? God takes us and changes us a little at a time as we walk with God. It is all in God’s time. How long will that take? To be honest with you, it will take all of your lifetime. This is the journey every Christian go through. We are saved when we go home to heaven. While we are here on earth, we have the promise of salvation. Just as the prodigal son knew that if he got home, he would be accepted back into the family, even if it would be as a servant. Time is short, don’t you think it’s about time to get started?

Crain Blanchard.