What does it cost?

My wife loves to shop. She’ll spend hours looking for one item. When she goes to the grocery store, she finds the bargains. She is very wise with money. There is always a cost to things, whether buying or doing something. Everything has a cost. Two of my sons joined the National Guard and served in Iraq. When one son came home from Iraq, we began to see the cost of war in him. Jesus said when a king considers war, he first sits down and counts the cost. He has to see if he can finish the war or sue for peace. Everything has a cost to it. Most people only see the cost after it is all over. Be wise and count the cost before hand.

Is seeing Believing?

God gave every believer the measure of faith. This is what we start with. Then it is up to us to develop the our faith to be useful in this world. We all know that most people don’t. They are happy at where they are. Jesus said a curious thing, that when He returns we will see Him as He is, because we will be like Him. What does He look like? The bible is a picture of Jesus and when read we see more and more of Him. It would be a shame to miss Him when He returns.

What do you see?

It has been raining lately and the evening sky has been beautiful. The red sky in the evening tells us that the storm has pasted. The red sky in the morning tells us that the storm is coming. I have been looking at the natural beauty of the earth. Jesus called it the signs of the times. When certain events happen, you can see the results if you are aware of the signs. I have been looking at the signs for 40 years. The more I look, the more I see the return of Jesus. The sight I am talking is with your heart not your eyes. He who has eyes let him see and he who has ears let him hear.