Easter Crawfish.

My 3rd. son usually has a crawfish boil for the family on the Saturday before Easter. If you don’t know what a crawfish are, it is a small freshwater lobster. Here in South Louisiana, boiling crawfish is an annual tradition. Crawfish are sold by the pound and come in 40lb sacks. He bought 3 sacks of crawfish. My whole family is here, grandchildren and all. The little kids and playing with the crawfish, trying not to get bit by the crawfish. Everyone is talking to each other. The crawfish are almost boiled and smell good. Of course, there are potatoes, corn and mushrooms in the boil. We are about to eat. I enjoy these gathering. I hope and pray that the children remember these gatherings when the get older. It is such great memories to have. Happy Easter. Y’all have a good weekend.

Crain Blanchard.