Legal but Morally Wrong.

Our lives are all about choices. We look at everything and decide what we are going to do. It seems that as we get older our choices blend together. We want what we want. Even though we were taught how to live the right way, the more we choose the wrong way, it seems to get easier. It is not just our lives but the lives of other. We as a people have made decisions that are morally wrong. Although we have passed laws to make our choices legal, it doesn’t mean that they are always morally right. Being morally right takes courage and bravery to stick to our convictions. I don’t have to mention anything and you know what I am talking about. There is a list of 7 deadly sins. People know what they are and there are laws against them. But what is interesting is that there is a sin that is worst than murder, rape or theft. Most people commit this sin every day with regularity. They don’t think that this sin is anything. Yet it will condemn you faster than murder. That sin is lying. Everybody lies at one time or another. Yet God calls satan the father of all lies. And anyone that lies has made himself the servant of the devil. Today in this world people expect people to lie to them, that they don’t think twice about it. It is a way to do business in this country. It has become legal but morally wrong. This isn’t the only thing, but as far as that goes you know the truth and what is morally wrong. Like I said to do what is morally right takes courage and bravery in your convictions.

Crain Blanchard.