Believe a Lie

2 Thess. 2:11 “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:” Have you ever believed a lie? Someone told you something and you believed. When you found out it was a lie you wanted to beat that person into the ground. It hurts to be deceived. It hurts like hell. And that is a truth. There are so many delusions floating around out there, I don’t know where to begin. God said don’t fight heresy for heresies sake. You have to fight it with the truth. Because God says that the truth will set you free. I had a young Christian approach me when I worked at the Christian radio station. He was upset that we weren’t preaching hellfire and brimstone. I let him say his piece then I did something he didn’t expect. I thanked him for telling me and wished him Godspeed. We war not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places. We can’t take what unbeliever’s say as the truth. Because they don’t see or even know the truth. I have been studying the truth for 37 years. The truth is the word of God, the bible. We need to study both Old and New Testament. Why? Because it isn’t 2 books. It is one book written by one person to help us live our life on earth and to make it into heaven. The bible is a book about one subject, Jesus. He is in every chapter of every book. And all you have to do is call upon His name.



Heartache is the pain of suffering lost. Do know what the interesting thing about that is heartache is a spiritual condition. But that registers in the physical world. It being that your physical heart hurts. Your mind, will and intellect are all spiritual. They, as a collective, existing in heaven as well as on earth. Your heart is tied to your physical body. God tied your spirit to your physical body by the breath of life or your soul. So what happens to your physical body happens to your spirit. Some societies believe that your spirit and body are separate and can’t interact. Guilt is a spiritual condition. Again it can physically affect your body in a dramatic way. Anger is another spiritual condition. It is clinically known that it causes cancer. Your body and spirit are tied together. God made it so that we as a human can understand that everything we do affects us. Why do you think that God instructed our parents to teach us the right way? It is for our health and well-being. God said it the truth shall set you free. Set us free from what? The fear of death has held us in bondage all of our lives. To set us free from bondage. Jesus descended into hell and took the keys of death and hell away from the devil. So that we could be free from it. It also says that Jesus led captivity captive. It means that Jesus led the saints in hades to freedom into the kingdom of heaven. So are you tired of heartache and misery? The only way to be free from it is to be set free by God. There is no other way. Many people try and never obtain anything worthwhile. Let Jesus led you into the kingdom of heaven.



When you talk to people about the big picture, they see and understand. But when you talk to them about the details, it seems to get lost in translation. Everybody knows that they shouldn’t lie, cheat, steal or kill people. Yet the details on how to do this is more ambiguous. Man has always wanted to be the captain of their destiny. Each person wants to be large and in charge. Yet if you look at mankind, the opposite is true. All my life, I have heard people talk about the Man upstairs. But they never knew who He was or what He looks like. I was the same way. I didn’t know anything about God or what He wanted from me. And I went to church all my life. I went to a religious school until I graduate from high school. I didn’t know God until 10 years after high school. It all happened when my life went from bad to worse. And I couldn’t do anything about it. I needed help and God directed my steps straight to this man, who explained to me who God is and what plan He had for me. I didn’t except this truth right away. It took almost 3 months of explaining before I was going to trust someone with my life. I may not have been worth anything to anyone, but my life was mine. I was going to preserve it as best as possible. I finally realized that I couldn’t change anything in my life. I needed the power of God to change me. I surrendered my life 40 years ago. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been consistent. God has changed me into His image and likeness. And I know that I am going home to my Father to live with Him forever. I am no longer the prodigal son. So, now I see the subtle changes in my life or should I say the nuance of God.



It seems to be an overrated word. It is used in anything and everything. It is used to describe pancakes or a car. Sometimes it used to mean something evil. It is so confusing that people don’t use the word hardly ever. It a shame that word has very special meaning. It should be used correctly and abundantly. There are 3 different meaning for the word love. In the bible there is Godly love, agape. There is brotherly love, philo. Then there is sensual love, eros. The love that God want us to have is His kind of love. That is to love one another unconditionally. It is the hardest to do all the time. It is easy to love someone like a brother. And the other oh well. But what do you do as concerning man. There are some times that I would let the whole world go to hell in a handbasket. But that is not what God want us to do. Walking in God’s footstep is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Then again it has been relatively easy because God does the work for me. All I have to do is follow along and let God do His work. But that means I have to go where God goes. And sometimes it is to break down the gates of hell to snatch a soul out of the hands of the enemy. And yes I have been there and back. It is trusting that God knows what He is doing and will perform His word as He has said. This is where trusting and believing comes into play. If you believe, then the next step is doing. Then the next step is accomplishing your task that God assigns to you. What is it going to be, life or death?



I have always liked to cook meals. It started when I was young. My mom would cook for my dad. She was a school teacher with 4 sons. She didn’t have much time to prepare and cook meals. So, they were simple and fast. Unfortunately, it meant boring and tasteless. But my dad liked it and didn’t complain. But I wanted more. So, I began to watch cooking shows on TV. I was learning how to cook a good meal that taste good and cut corners. I got into baking pies and cookies and put on weight. I have learned how to prepare and cook a complete meal. Years ago, our church had a fellowship supper, and everyone was asked to bring food. I was fasting at the time. Now, when I cook, I taste everything to get it right. So, I ask God to give a recipe that I could for supper. God gave me a chili recipe. It makes about 3gals of chili. Everything was included, and I didn’t have to taste it. Although, I wanted to. I called in Holy Ghost Chili. There wasn’t a drop left after the supper. My church today, asked if anyone could make some chili for the fall festival. So, I volunteered and will be making it this Saturday. I have always found that giving does more for me than the person I am giving to. Even though, the person is in need of what I am giving and is grateful. What is does is to satisfy my soul and encourage me. Having and not giving only hardens your heart. And you will never be satisfied with what you have. So, when you see a need, give and watch God change hearts. Especially yours.


This is the Day

I am sitting here at my computer trying to write, but looking out of the window at the gorgeous weather we are having. It is clear skies and 51 degrees at 9am in the morning. I live in the deep south in America and 51-degree weather is rare. It only happens every so often. I have a touch of spring fever, though it is the end of October. I guess you would call it fall fever. Now I want to write and say something clever, but my brain is stuck in neutral. I have my favorite cup of coffee and am comfortable in my business chair. So, the business of writing is totally eluding me. I want to jump start my brain and all it says to me is chill. It is like fighting on 2 different fronts. It can drive you crazy. My body is talking to my brain and won’t let go. I already have been out of the house. I had errands to run earlier this morning. So, I was up, bathed and dress, out the door, when I had to come back in and get a coat. It was 46 degrees outside. People up north would laugh at that temperature. But in the deep south, hot weather is what we have most of the year. Even for Christmas, it’s normally hot weather. So, our blood is thin and cold weather chills us to the bone. So, I am sitting here thinking about what I could write about. Then all of a sudden, I remembered, this is the day that the Lord has made. And I will rejoice and be glad in it. Praise God for His mercy and grace that He gives to us.


Why Wait

Procrastination is putting off doing things until tomorrow. Things that you can do today. I know about this state of being. Unfortunately I know it well. I would work long hours and come home tired. And all I wanted was to sit down and relax. There was something to do at home. It needed my attention right away. But I didn’t do and somehow it never got done. Some of these things were very important. It concerned either my wife or children. And I regret it to this day. Over the years I have learn many lessons the hard way. Instead of just doing what I needed to do in the first place. If you let regret pile up it becomes very hard sometimes. When I first started with the Lord, I was excited to be busy in the kingdom of God. I wanted nothing else than to be doing God’s will in my life. As I added responsibility to my wagon, it became a wagon train. I had to learn to let God take the load for me. I couldn’t do it myself. Nor did I want to pull the load myself. God says that He will not give us anything heavier than we are capable of carrying. Why carry the load yourself? I have seen people crumble under the load. Some it destroyed them. This is not what God wants. Our lives are meant to be joyous and fruitful. We are meant to be an honor to God and His mercy. How can we be an example of kingdom if we are crushed by life itself? God says cast your cares upon Me, for my burden is easy and my yoke is light. So why wait for life to destroy who you are, let God help you and live accordingly.


You’re Heart

Your heart is a peculiar thing.  It can beat a million times and just keeps on going. If it is interrupted you can die. It seems to last forever but doesn’t. It controls the rest of the body. Without it you are dead. And it is the most neglected part of our body. It causes more diseases than anything else. So why don’t you protect it more? Most people relate your human heart to your spiritual one. As if they are interchangeable. I’ll tell you a truth, they are related to each other. What happens to your spiritual heart does affect your human heart. Have you ever lost a true love? The pain in your heart is spiritual but you human heart hurts like hell. They are tied together just like your body and your spirit. Your spirit is who you are. Your mind, will and your intellect are spiritual. This is what is the image and likeness of God. Your body is made from the dust of the earth. Remember, dust to dust, ashes to ashes, is how your body will go. Most games and TV shows have killing and violence. It always shows the people not being affected by all of it. This is a lie out of the pits of hell. There is nothing that we do that doesn’t affect our lives. And in turn affects our heart. So how can you stop the pain? You can’t but you can slow it down. Because of sin in this world there is pain. That will never change until the very end when Jesus arrives to reign and rule over this earth. But what you can do is to give your spiritual heart to Him. And allow God to take you on this journey that He plan for you in the first place. There are ways to protect yourself and Jesus is His name.


Run to the Sound of the Guns

I first heard this expression in an old movie about General George Armstrong Custer. General Custer graduated at the bottom of his class at West Point. He was always in trouble. But when he graduated, and the American Civil War started, his superiors saw something in him. The first action he commanded was covering the retreat of the Union Army at the First Battle of Bull Run. He rose through the rank quickly. His men loved and trusted him. He led from the front in every action. You see, General Custer believed that you always run to the sound of the guns. His courage and bravery were beyond compare. Great military leaders always believe that you faced your enemy head on. King David ran into the thickest part of the battle. This display of courage isn’t limited to military men. There are many people who show this courage in their lives. The almost 300 firemen that ran into the burning World Trade Center and lost their lives. All the First Responders that risk their lives on a daily basic. The last and most videoed display of courage was the shootings in Las Vegas. Policemen ran in the middle of the shooting to rescue the people caught in the crossfire. Let’s not forget the fireman who fought the fires in California. Courage and bravery are virtues to be honored. It doesn’t mean that they are perfect. But it does mean that they should be respected and honor them for their courage. Courage runs to the sound of the guns.


A Time of Healing

The only bone I have ever broken was my big toe. That little member of my body hurt so much that I couldn’t speak for the 1st half hour. There isn’t much you can do for a broken big toe. You can’t put a splint on the broken bone. All I could do was to put my foot up. It took about 6 weeks to heal. And at certain times, it still hurts. I can just about image people who brake multiple bones. It doesn’t matter what is broken, it always takes time to heal. And depending on the wound, it may take a lifetime. The healing process is a very necessary part of our lives. Wounds that are never treated lead to all sorts of problems as well as death. I have a friend who was a marine grunt at Khe Sanh in Vietnam. He lives in town near me, but he never came home from Vietnam. He is what you call the walking dead. He hasn’t let go of the hurt. Healing begins when you finally let go of the pain. There is no easy way to be healed. You really have to walk through the pain. I know that when I finally let God begin to heal me, I had to turn over to God the wounds and the pain. Which meant that I had to relive the incident. But then God took it away, not to be remembered again. To be healed God goes through your heart and pulls out everything that you have hidden in your heart. Sometimes, things that you don’t even remember. God doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of your relationship with Him. Jesus was beaten with 39 stripes to provide our healing. And by His stripes I am healed. Thank God.