To Help People

One of the most rewarding things I could do in this world is to help people. It stirs my soul like nothing else. But it seems like helping people has lost its luster. When I look at the news, local or national, the special story is about someone helping someone else. It looked like the only reason that person did help the other was to get on the news. That is a sad and pathetic testimony of mankind. Jesus talked about the Pharisees that made a great pretense of praying great prayers on the street corners of the city. He said they have their reward. But if you want God to bless you, pray in secret and God will reward you openly. The same is about helping people. You help people because are in need not to make a show of it. There are people who I have helped and no one knows about or ever will. It is not for sale. I went about doing good to make things right in this world. A kind word or gesture, like opening a door for people, goes a long way. Even if the person doesn’t see the gesture, you have done something for yourself. It is always a joy to me to know that I did a small gesture of kindness to anyone. It doesn’t make me weak or ineffective in anything. If fact it is a sign of strength of character in my life. Helping people used to be the standard in every community. People would come for miles to help build a barn or harvest crops. No payment was required. It was gesture of kindness in their lives. Now I wonder how mankind will survive in this world. People killing each other over nothing. There is only one outcome if it continues. That is the total destruction of man and this earth. The bible says if you want friends then show yourself friendly.

Express Yourself

All my life I wanted to express myself in some form or fashion. I wanted to be able to tell people something worthwhile. I didn’t want to tell a joke or antidote. Although I have developed a very dry sense of humor. Of which not everyone appreciates. But I have lived with people not getting me or understanding what I was saying. At first I thought it was because of the dyslexia I had. Words would get jumbled in my head and wouldn’t come out right in my mouth. But soon saw that it wasn’t the case. I was never loud or forceful. What I had to say was quiet but important. So when I arrived at college I figured that communication would be a good field for to go into. So I did, but became distracted with all the activities of college, especially fraternities. I didn’t stick to my plan and flunked out of school. I still wanted to communicate with people. I have never lost the desire to speak or write or teach. I went back years later but it wasn’t the same. I had developed the story telling ability in me. I can spin a good yarn or tale. I can transform people to different places with my stories. What developed was children’s stories. I work in radio and wrote a radio show for children. I still have the original recording with all the sound effects. And I worked in television. But this wasn’t the forum for me. I wanted to write. I can express myself anyway I want when I write. Writing seems to be a dying art form. I have always like to read. I used to get Time magazine. I would read it from front to back. It was interesting me about the world and its antics. I read all the time. It is the best way to learn things. As the bible says, for in a multitude of counselors there is much safety.

Your young men shall see visions:

In each person’s life there comes an adventure. This adventure will take you somewhere you have never been and will possibly never see again. It is an exciting journey that may even scare you. But it is something that we each go one. Some people’s adventure may lead them to foreign lands, while most of us just stay home. But the world is open before us. Where we go or what we do still depends on you. On our journey starts in our home. We get glimpses of what lies ahead by the stories our parents tell us. We see marvelous things that are possible. This is why children want to be so many things. Each one is as real as the other. We are never really sure when the adventure starts. But when it does, it like a roller coaster. It is exciting, scary and very pleasing. I was young and now I am old and my adventure is almost at an end. It has taken me to faraway places. But I always came home. I never wanted to journey away from home too long. Because I would get homesick. My adventure started the day I figured out I could do something worthwhile. I began working to that end and have never stopped. My parents and grandparents are gone. My younger brother is gone also. I have seen changes in this world that I don’t like. I have helped make changes for the good. And I would stop until it is my turn to go home. You see my adventure is my life. All the things for good or bad I have done make up my journey. That is why old men dream dreams of their adventure. And young men see visions of theirs.

Discerning the Signs of the Times

Ever walk into a situation and never see it until you are in it? And it was the elephant in the room. You wonder how you missed it all together. Most times people aren’t looking at where they are going. They are involved in what they are doing and don’t see beyond their nose. Unfortunately it can be devastating. Our life evolves into seasons. Each one is distinct and unique to us. And in those seasons it seems that we are on auto-pilot. As we are guided on a predetermined flight path. With certain expectations, life can move at a comfortable pace. God always will inform us about impending events that will affect us and the world around us. All we have to do is discern them. Ever looked up in the morning and see a beautiful sunrise? And you marvel at how beautiful it is. You have just discerned something. It is being aware of your surroundings as it affects you. It is also about see what is coming in the future. Knowing that down the road a situation is coming your way and you need to prepare. Somethings you can change and some you can’t. The one you can’t needs to be address for your own safety and that of your families. After 9/11, 3 of my 4 sons joined the military when they became old enough. They wanted to do their part in protecting our country. Their awareness of the need of our country became acute. All the signs that we need for our future are there for us. God gives us the opportunity to adjust our thinking and ways so that we can survive the encounter. What can you discern about the future? The signs are there if you are willing to look. Today look at the sky in the morning, if it is red, there is a storm coming. If the sky is red in the evening, you know that the storm has passed. Now discern the signs of the times.

Dependent Beings

Why are we as interdependent as human beings? As newborns we as a species are the most dependent of all the animals. It takes us longer to mature than any other. We rely on our parents all of lives. We grow up and become adults with children of our own and still depend on our parents. It is like it is a never-ending circle. We are social beings that live in close proximity of each other. Yes we like our space but you that is getting smaller and smaller all the time. I have seen the TV reality show about people living in the wilds of Alaska. What is interesting about the show is that people want to live like that. Living apart from people does appeal to me. But I look at what I need and see that being around people is the only way I am going to survive. So we have developed skills for dealing with people. Some are harder than others to develop. But to be able to living on our own we must have skills. Our parents teach us the skills they know to prepare us for life. Sometimes they are just what we need. But I see the lack of skills in a lot of people. That is when it get hard to live or accomplish things in our lives. It funny how our teenage years were a practice time for developing skills. It seemed so difficult for somethings and easy for others. Love relationships always seem the hardest thing to do. It was always by trial and error. The affairs of the heart always seem to hurt. But those skills if accomplished help us to make our way into the world of marriage. Being dependent was always the plan for God. We were made with a part missing. We needed to fill that part with God to be completed. Many had filled that part with alcohol, drugs, sex, power or crystals. But you can’t fill your life if anything but God and expect to be whole in this life. Or to be whole in the life to come. All you have to do is ask and He will answer you. Be complete in your life and ask.

Listening Skills

How good are your listening skills? Everybody hears, but I am not talking about that. Listening is something altogether different. I go about my day getting my work done. I hear everyone that talks to me. But many times I don’t listen to them. I am in a hurry and need to accomplish my work in a set schedule. I only have time for so much. I have an allotted time for everything. This many times rules out listening to people. For the most part, when a person speaks to you they are saying more than you are hearing. Some of what they are saying refers to the work at hand. But sometimes they are talking about themselves. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. If you are too busy with work or preoccupied with something else, you will not hear what they are saying. Most people have resign themselves to knowing that people aren’t listening to them. Still people try to reach other people. This is where the skill of listening goes in. If you have developed a skill, you will hear the most astounding things. We are social beings and need to have interaction with other people. The lack of relating to other people can be maddening. And we always find that people who live alone are strange. If you listen to a person talk, they will tell you their life’s story within minutes of talking to you. It is funny how that works. People want to relate to others and will talking until they find someone who is listening. This is the art of communication. Every animal on this earth communicates with someone. So listen to what is being said around you. And you will find out things that you never knew before. This is the difference between talking and communication.


I have seen a lot about freedom lately. And the general idea is that you can do what you want. But that isn’t what freedom is about. If you give freedom to one person, you have to take it from another one. We have basic freedoms here in the United States that most people don’t have in the rest of the world. How do we have those freedoms? We are basically a people based upon English law. The England pride themselves on their system of laws. It started with the Magna Carta, which is still in effect today. The English have built a system of laws to protect their freedoms. As English subjects, we Americans demanded the same rights as our brethren in England. That is when war was declared against us by England and of course you know the outcome. It was the single biggest mistake the English have ever made. We have built our country on laws to protect our freedoms. We made sure that our freedoms were just and right. We were all in this together. Which has been an ongoing process. Our freedoms where not meant to take away other people’s freedom. Our laws are there to preserve all of our freedoms. America has more freedoms that most people because we are willing to fight to preserve them. As the old cliché says, freedom isn’t free. It has been preserved with many lives of Americans. When America was settled by the English colonists, England not unable to station troops everywhere, stationed an arsenal in most major communities to be able to protect ourselves. That is why we have the freedom to bear arms for our protection. Freedom always has come with responsibility. To be able to have freedoms, there are things that we must do. One is to obey the laws we have set up to rule us. Obeying is part and partial to being free. As the bible says, for whom the Lord has set free, is free indeed.


With all that is going on in this world, how safe are you? I use to want to travel all over the world. But lately I think it is much wiser to travel in the USA. I like to travel and see new things and people. Between people being kidnapped and shot and terrorized anywhere in the world, well local travel seems the best choice. When 9/11 happened, it shook the US to the core. People didn’t know what to do. Even people who knew better were undone. That is when the President asked for and got by congress the Patriot Act. And America went into war time mode. Once America started catching bad guys the country went back to sleep. After 9/11, there was the Japanese earthquake that caused a nuclear reactor to melt down. Then there was the tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Then there was Hurricane Katrina. Then the wild fires in western USA. Then there was a drought that last for 5 years in the western USA. Then there was earthquakes in diver’s places and a bridge that collapse killing many. Let alone the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And there was not one man that could stop any of it. No matter how important it was to try and stop it. You know what is sad is that the American people are still asleep. How safe do you feel? Have you figured out what to do with all of this? In the 1950’s, when the cold war was raging, people built bomb shelters to try and survive a nuclear bomb. After 9/11, there were people offering to build bomb shelters. Again how safe are you in this world? It doesn’t matter if I am vaporized by nuclear bomb, or drowned by the rising sea levels or die from some plague. This world isn’t my home. This world is just temporary. The calamities that plague this world aren’t bigger than my assurance of my life in Christ. I have hope and faith in the one person who made this world in the first place, God Himself. My safety is in Him alone.

Attitudes of the Heart

Remember your heart is who you are. Your heart is your mind, will and intellect. This is the part of you that is eternal. This is what most people call your spirit. Everything you have ever learn is stored in your spirit. All the good things, bad things, everyday experiences are there for you to recall. This shapes what you believe and who you are. So the attitudes of your heart are important part of your life. Each of us are basically the same. We each have parents and came into the world the same way. This is where we differ. According to where we were born and taught as a child determined what we became when we grew up. I like just about most foods. You can tell that by the size of my belly. I like to cook also. My latest thing is jams and jellies. I will taste them to get the consistency right but I can’t eat them because of the diabetes. I don’t want it or need it, but it is there because of my life style or because of what my parents had. Yet I am not going to quite just because I am being tested. I am determined and persistent. It is an attitude that I developed when I was a child. So might say I am stubborn. But I am not stupid about what I will or will not do. I have a positive attitude that everything will work out like it is supposed to do. And no matter what happens every morning is new and ready for me to begin my life anew. I didn’t always think like this. It took a force of nature to change me into the person I am today. That force had to move heaven and earth for me to believe and trust that I had hope for the future. I have only found that hope in one person, God’s own son, Jesus.

A Peaceful Life

I am looking at my cat and she is snoozing away. Her feet are in the air and not a care in the world. I haven’t slept like that in years. I can remember that I use to be able to drink coffee and go right to sleep all night. You look at children and they don’t have a care in the world. They can sleep like a log. My oldest son use to sleep for 8 hours at a time. That boy could sleep more than anyone I have ever seen. As you grow older it seems that sleep eludes you. That restful and peaceful kind of sleep that we all enjoyed when we were younger. What has changed? Why don’t we have a good night’s sleep anymore? I know people that use alcohol to get a night’s sleep. And even worst to use drugs. The things of this world can’t bring you peace. And peace is the only thing that give you a good night’s sleep. So where did the peace go? Why don’t we have peace like we did when we were young? Do you remember the first time you lied to get your way? And how bad you felt afterward. And the lack of peace in your life. How often have we done that so we could get ahead? And what did it cost us to get there? In 1983, Gallup poll took a survey across America. They ask what was the 3 most important things in your life. Surprise, Surprise, #3’s answer was peace or the lack of it in their lives. It hasn’t changed. The answer is still the same. We need peace in our lives to live on this earth. And I know of only one place to get peace in our lives. And that place or person to ask for peace is God Himself. There is no one else that can give us peace in our lives. And you know how to do that is just to ask God Himself for the peace to live your life.