Memorial Day Present and Accounted For.

Andre Boutte, French and Indian War, 1763.

Francois Boutte, Louisiana Militia, American Revolution, 1775.

Calvin and Luther Blanchard, Massachusetts Minute-Men, 1775.

Thomas Blanchard, North Carolina Militia, 1776.

Thomas Newton, Commissioner, US Navy, 1776.

Thomas O. Blanchard, War of 1812.

Francois Boutte, War of 1812, Battle of New Orleans, 1814.

Albert G. Blanchard, Maj. General, 9th Louisiana, CSA 1861.

Calvin and Ebenezer Carson, 16 Alabama Cavalry, CSA 1861

Carey Edward Blanchard, 17th Texas Brigade, CSA 1864.

William P. Blanchard, 71st Inf., US Army 1941.

Neal Blanchard, Doctor, US Army, 1941.

Dyer Blanchard, US Navy, 1941.

Hal McGown, Lt. General US Army, Korea and Vietnam, 1948.

Felix Castille, 1st Marines, Korea, 1951.

Charles Blanchard, US Air Force, Vietnam.

William Carson Blanchard, US Army Medic, Vietnam.

Burl Crain Blanchard, US Air Force, Vietnam.

Jonathan David Blanchard, US Army, Iraq.

Joel Christopher Blanchard, US Army, Iraq.

Joshua Luke Blanchard, US Air Force, Afghanistan.

Jared Blanchard, US Army, Iraq.

William Preston Blanchard III, US Army, Iraq.

My older brother was a Physician’s Assistant in US Army during the Vietnam War. I served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. Three of my sons and two of my nephews serve in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since my grandfather came to this country in 1637, our family has defended it. My family are patriots. There are a lot of people who have served our country and I am thankful for it. We are blessed by God with a good land to live in. And it is worth defending our country, no matter how bad it seems to be. I just want to thank the men and women who have served our country in the military. It is right to honor them. Have a blessed and safe Memorial Day.

Crain Blanchard.

God’s Time.

Yesterday I wrote about growing in the Lord. In this world of instant gratification, we want it now. But that not what God’s about it. We do not have the capacity to learn everything instantanously. I do not care how smart you are. No one can absorb all the knowledge of God instantly. We learn precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little and there a little. Why can’t I learn like I want? It is very simple. In the learning, we are change into the image and likeness of God. This change can’t happen at once. Do you remember how and when you came to the Lord? Do you remember the pain and suffering you went through just to ask Jesus to forgive you? Now think about magnifying that pain and suffering by 50 fold. Do you think you could bear all that suffering at once? God takes us and changes us a little at a time as we walk with God. It is all in God’s time. How long will that take? To be honest with you, it will take all of your lifetime. This is the journey every Christian go through. We are saved when we go home to heaven. While we are here on earth, we have the promise of salvation. Just as the prodigal son knew that if he got home, he would be accepted back into the family, even if it would be as a servant. Time is short, don’t you think it’s about time to get started?

Crain Blanchard.

Growing in the Lord.

I was reading in Hebrews 6. It talks about growing up in the Lord. It says that we should stop sinning and confess our sins and grow up in the Lord. I read this and then listen to Christian radio, I heard the same message. When we ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus into our heart, that is just the beginning of our walk with God. Salvation is when we die and go home to God. There are people who say that when you confess your sins and God forgives, that is salvation. It is only the start of your walk home. If you die in the Lord, you will receive the salvation of God. Jesus said those that endure to the end shall be saved (Matthew 24:13). Shaking the Pastor’s hand isn’t salvation, even confessing your sins doesn’t guarantee that you will go home to heaven. Jesus also said that many will come and say Lord, Lord, didn’t we prophesy and do wonderful work? Jesus will reply and say, depart from you workers of iniquity, I never knew you (Matthew 7:22-23). Paul wrote that we are to show diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end. To be followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises (Hebrews 6:11-12). So, how do we inherit the promises of salvation? It is by growing in the Lord. We have to get to know Jesus. We do that by reading God’s word and doing it. As we walk in this world, God will use us to do His will on this earth (Matthew 6:9-13). So, what is God’s will for this earth? We are to love God above everything with our whole heart and we are to love our neighbor as ourselves (mark 12:29-31). God calls us to follow and obey and there are no exceptions. When we do, we will fulfill God’s plan for us on this earth. This is what it means to grow in the Lord.

Crain Blanchard.

Receiving a Word from the Lord.

In Luke chapter 1 is the story of Zacharias, Elisabeth and Mary receive a word from the Lord. The angel Gabriel appeared to Zacharias first as he was performing his duties as priest in the temple. Gabriel told Zacharias about his son John and about Jesus. Zacharias didn’t believe Gabriel, even though he was in the Holy of Holies in the presence of God. He couldn’t speak because God took it, until he uttered John’s name when he was born. Then Gabriel appeared to Mary in Nazareth and told her that she would conceive a son who would be the Son of God. Mary was engaged to Joseph but they hadn’t married yet. Mary asked how this would happen and Gabriel said by the Holy Spirit. Then Gabriel told her about her cousin Elisabeth being pregnant. By faith, Mary accepted the word from God. Then she went to visit Elisabeth until she had the baby. Mary returned home to face Joseph. She didn’t know how to tell Joseph, but she trusted. In those days, engaged women who got pregnant before they married were, by the Law of God, stoned to death. This is the other side of a word from God where you put it into practice. You may find yourself in a situation like Mary. She could have been killed and at least ostracized by her family and friends. She trusted God and pressed on. She told Joseph who didn’t believe her at first. God spoke to Joseph and took Mary as his wife. The experience was real. It is the same for us. When God speaks to us about His will, we look at it in the natural and say it can’t be done. But when we look at it in the Spirit, we can see how it works. Once we receive from God, then it is up to us to put it into practice. It can be a fearful thing. But God goes before and path is clear. We just have to walk in it. What is God telling you? How long have you put it off because you are afraid? Now is the time, today is the day of salvation.

Crain Blanchard.

Refusing to Believe.

For 3 years, Jesus taught the 12 disciples. Jesus showed them how the kingdom works here on earth. He also told them what would happen in Jerusalem, when He was crucified. Jesus even rebuked Peter for not believing what He had just told him. When the crucifixion came, the disciples were understandably upset. Their whole world was turned upside down. The day of Passover started at sundown, so they had to bury Jesus quickly. Mary Magdalene, Jesus’s mother and Salome went to the grave on the third day to bury Jesus properly. When they got to the tomb, the stone in front of the tomb was rolled away. The women entered the tomb and there was a man in bright clothing sitting in the tomb. He told them that Jesus had risen as He said. He told them to tell the disciples that He would meet them in Galilee.. The women went back and told the disciples. They didn’t believe. Peter and John ran to the tomb and entered in . John believed and Peter didn’t. Until Jesus appeared to them, they didn’t believe. Jesus had dealt with this unbelief all HIs life on earth. The people God chose and showed Himself to them still didn’t believe. The religious leaders asked Jesus for a sign. He called the a evil and adulterous generation that ask for a sign. Jesus said that the only sign they would see is the sign of Jonah. The disciples saw the sign of Jonah, 3 days in the belly of hell, and didn’t believe. Did you know that we will go through the sign of Jonah to believe? Refusing to Believe isn’t something new. It is common to man throughout the ages. Faith, belief, is the only thing that pleases God to move Him to help us. It doesn’t work any other way. This is a call to drop your unbelief and let Jesus show you what is possible.

Crain Blanchard.

Sooner than Later.

There has been much written about the return of Jesus. Jesus said no one knows the day or time except the Father. But in 1 Thessalonians 4-5, it talks specifically about what will happen. It’s called the day of the Lord. This is where Jesus will gather His saints in the clouds and return to fight the battle of Armageddon. 200 million people will gather to fight God, Jesus. It says that Jesus will speak and they will all be slain by the word of God. The bible says the blood will be as high as the horse’s bridle and will take 6 months to clean the valley of Megido. The bible says that the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night.

“Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober”

(1 Thessalonians 5:6 KJV ).

We are looking for the coming of Jesus to bring the kingdom of God to earth. Where He will reign and rule for a 1000 years. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

Crain Blanchard.

Having Ears to hear and Eyes to see.

I have felt an urgency in my spirit for most of this year. I have written a book on prayer that will be published this year. but now God has me to write one on the coming storm. Our country has gone through a major change. And whether you believe it is good or bad, the battle over Christianity has begun. A lot of people are trying very hard to prove that we don’t need God. This battle is in the news everyday. Besides Covid-19, what is the number one news story in America. It is murder and it’s effects. All of this is to produce one effect, that is fear. And fear is the opposite of faith. Faith is what you need for God to work in your life. Jesus was teaching and the religious leader came to him and want Him to show then a sign. Jesus said you to them that they were a faithless and wicked generation. He also said you look at the red sky in the morning and know a storm is coming. Then you look at the red shy a night and know the that the storm has passed. Jesus said you can discern the face of the sky, but can’t discern the signs of the times. then Jesus said, the only sign that I will give you is the sign of Jonah (Matthew 16). Jonah went through tribulation, repent of his sins and God gave him the largest revival in the Old Testament. All of this is coming and will be here sooner than later. Jesus kept saying all those who have ears let him hear and eyes let him see. So, what do you see and hear?

Crain Blanchard.

A Flame of Fire.

I have been reading in Hebrews. God calls the angels, ministering spirits, a flame of fire. In the service Wednesday night where I was healed, the pastor was talking about becoming a flame of fire. This fire comes from the altar of God. When angels are sent to do the work of the Kingdom of God, they are set on fire to accomplish God’s will. It is why they are so bright when you see one. Do you know what the word angel means? The word angel means messenger. What was Jesus’s last command to us? It was to preach the gospel to the whole world. We are messengers of the kingdom of God. And we are suppose to go in the fire of God to preach this message. When we preach the gospel we become angels. But without the fire of God there is no power. In the last command of Jesus, He also said to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. But this only happens when we are set on fire from heaven. This fire is only obtained from God. Which means that we have to go to God to be set on fire. So how do we get set on fire? It is by seeking God and having our heart right before God. The message I heard from the pastor was clear. The gospel says that there is only one way, Jesus. Only one way to receive forgiveness, salvation and eternal life is Jesus. And there is only one way to receive the fire of God, it is through Jesus. Jesus said the Father is in me, and I am in you. He also said abide in me. When we do abide in Jesus, the fire from the altar of God will burn brightly and we will accomplish God’s will on this earth.

Crain Blanchard.

A Visitiation.

I went to a church last night that I was invited to. I have known about this church for years but never attended. I sat next to the friend that invited me. He’s a youth pastor. It was a service of with both the youth and adults. The youth worship team lead off with the service. Then the Associate pastor came up to preach. He began to speak the truth of the gospel with love and power. His words were strong enough to defeat any devil. I watched for the move of God. Then the associate pastor ask for those who would receive Jesus and dozens of youth stood up and prayed. Then he asked for those who need healing. People went forward and filled the front of the church. Then the pastor had the youth that just accepted the Lord to come up and prayer for healings. I went forward for a healing. This young teenager came and she laid hands on me. She began to pray. As she did I felt the power of God flow through me. I almost went out in the Spirit a couple of times. The anointing of God was upon her. I went for a healing of my knees. But what was healing was my unbelief. I can believe for healing for anyone, but not myself. As she quietly prayed for me, she was expecting God to move and He did. I had a visitation of the Holy Spirit. He came and healed many people last night.

Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarded of them that diligently seek Him.”

Crain Blanchard.

Time 2021.

I have written a lot of articles about time. Why time? It is because time is a precious commodity. Most people take time for granted. It was something that was given to us by God and we didn’t have to earn it. And it is usually when our time is running out that we become concerned about it. Everybody has so much time in their lives. And once that time is used up, there is no more time for us. We will come to the end of our existence on this earth. And if you haven’t chosen you destiny, you actually have. In not choosing God and his reality, you have chosen the wrong path. God gives us our lifetime to choose His plan for us. Once time has slipped by, there is no more choosing on our part. Things will automatically happen. You will not have a choice. God gave us time to make the right choice. It isn’t rocks, crystals, trees, or worshipping man. God is the creator not the creation. Our lives are about using our time to figure out that God is our Father and the Creator of the world. Once we figure out the God is the path we must folow, it is taking that path and following after Jesus. God will love us no matter what we choose. God loves the people in hell as much as He loves the people in heaven. So, what time is it? It is a quarter pass the time to choose God’s path.

Crain Blanchard.