One More Day by Crain Blanchard

If God is willing, I have one more day. Everybody wants to plan for the future. But there is no guaranty for tomorrow. What we have is today. Or more actually, what we have is now. How many people do you know that can really handle now? Look around and see if you are living up to the full potential of now. Doing everything that you can right now. Opening your heart, loving people, feeding the hungry, praying for the sick, visiting the imprisoned or telling people about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our world isn’t in the church. It is in the world seeing about the needs of people. Bringing to the lost and dying the truth of the gospel. God didn’t rescue us, clean us up and set us on the right path, to sit on our duffs. Yes, it may hurt like hell to do all these things. But God will use everything that we do for Him. Jesus gave His life, not only at the cross, but as He walked on this earth. Every day, as He said, I must be about my Father’s work. I takes courage and conviction to do that work. Open up to someone this day. Watch what He can do through you. You will be surprised how simple and wonderful it is. When I started with God, I was stopped at a railroad crossing. God says get out of the car and tell everyone that I love them. I froze. Then God began to teach me how to be bold. Everyone goes through it. I have spoken to princes and paupers. I just turn and speak to people. Some are surprised, but no one didn’t like me talking to them. What are you going to do with your now?


Another Day by Crain Blanchard

There was a song, back in the 1980’s, called “it’s just another day in paradise”. The first time I heard I knew that the songwriter not only had a winner, but he was exact right. The song was about people who believed that their lives were perfect and didn’t need to do anything about the misery in the world. It was quite a shift for this singer to sing that particular song. Because the 1980’s were about self-satisfaction. I worked at a Christian radio station. And it wasn’t a Christian song, but I wanted to use it on the air. It had a powerful message that people needed to hear. Back then, as today, everybody had a cause and weren’t interested in hearing about the misery in the world. Even Christians were doing the same thing. The Christians were wanting to be like the world and losing their identity. When people get enough of the world and come to Jesus for help. They changed into the image and likeness of God. Their life is turned around. They are set free from sin and instructed not to go back. Then they see the world again and say I have to power to resist and can go back and forth. The only problem is they get caught again in the same old problem. And Jesus has to set them free again. As a Christian we are called out of this world and set free to serve God. Yes, we have a free will but not to go back to sin. As believers it is another day in paradise, as we go about the work of the kingdom to see about the misery in this world. God picked us up and set us on our feet. He gave us a right mind and His eyes to see clearly. Look around, what do you see? Then prayer and ask God when and where you are to do something. When you do, you will see God move through you and do the work of the kingdom.


A New Day by Crain Blanchard

Every day is a new day, with all the hopes and dreams that bring with it. It surprises me. The renewal that a night’s sleep will bring to me. Even if the night was bad, the rising of the sun brings hope. Why does it work that way? It’s funny how we need sun light in our lives. I have seen where in the northern states, especially in Alaska the land of 6 months of no sun, people receive light therapy. Where they have to sit in front of light to regulate their bodies systems. But the sun brings such hope. Struggles seem to cease with the light. There are always new ones to take their place, but that renewal we need each day to continue on. Life is a journey, from here to there. It takes a lifetime to get there. And everyone makes that journey. Some live to be a 100 years old or more. Some don’t make it passed 3 months. But what counts is the journey. It is how we make our way in this life. We must find out the plan for our lives and live it. If you don’t know by now, we were designed this way. Certain things in life were imprinted on our hearts. So, we could know what to do. We still have a free will to chose what we want. But choosing the right way always takes courage and fortitude on our part. As most people know life isn’t easy. But it is always simple. It is funny, because all we are guaranteed is now. There is no tomorrow. Where we can live and make that journey is now. We can’t live in the future or even in the past. They don’t exist. They are not real. Memories are real, but we can’t live there. If you want to get real, then live up to your full potential now. It is a new day. The sun has risen on most of the world. And there is an opportunity for each of us to live the life God has called us to. God gives the hope to each of us as long as we are alive. So, live up to the hope and calling that God has given. Because all you have is now. It is a new day.


A Story of Prejudice by Crain Blanchard

This story is from the bible. You can read it in Luke 7:36-50. Jesus was invited to lunch at a pharisee’s home, named Simon. Jesus arrived and was seated. There was a woman of the street, who found out that He would be there. She bought with her a bottle of ointment to anoint Him. She snuck into the house, without anyone noticing. As she approached Jesus, she began to cry. Then she began to wash His feet with her tears and wipe them dry with her hair. Then she anointed Jesus’ feet. Then Simon and his friends began to say among themselves, if He is a prophet, He would know who is touching him. Jesus turned to Simon and said, when I arrived, you didn’t greet me with a kiss. Nor did you provide water to wash my feet. This woman whose sins are many, has wash my feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. She has anointed my head with oil. Jesus said, Wherefore I say unto thee, her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little. And he said to the woman, thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace. People perceived that because they are successful, they are better or more important than others. Jesus judges us by our heart. All the things of this world mean nothing. Prejudice runs deep in this world and is the opposite of the work God is doing in us. If you want to see clearly, you must look with God’s eyes. Then you will see the misery in this world and know that God will use you to help. To get God’s eyes, turn to Him and ask for forgiveness and follow after God.


Once in a While by Crain Blanchard.

Once in a while everything works like it is supposed to. If you’re lucky. It’s an expression that I have said many times. Hoping that it would come true in my life. Everyone wants to be lucky, gambling, in love, in work or in any thing that would allow us to win. Some say that there is luck. Others say there is no such thing as luck. The way people gamble with their lives, they believe there is such a thing. There is even a god of luck in the Asian world. Unfortunately for us, there is no such thing as luck. Your destiny is determined by yourself. What you do with your life is what the outcome will be. We can be influenced by our surroundings, but ultimately it is our decision. This is why we are without excuse for our lives, because we make our choice each and every day. There is a popular notion that you can blame your bad choices on other people. Thinking that it relieves you of all responsibilities. And it is only when we come to the end of ourselves, that we can clearly see. When we do, your life is on the line. Making the right choice can be difficult. We need counselors that will actually help. Despite what you hope for, we, as man, don’t have the power to change our lives. We need a power greater than ourselves. There is only one person who has the power to change our lives. People don’t like to hear that name, because it shows them who they are. But you have to see who you are to begin the process of change. There is only one name given that will change your life. That name is Jesus. And if you call upon that name, He will come to you and forgive you of sin. Then your life can be healed. And it isn’t once in a while.

Who Am I? by Crain Blanchard

Who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? Questions that haunt us all of our lives. The search for the answers take us from here to there. Sometimes we find the answers around the corner. Sometimes the answer alludes us for years. Sometimes we just trip over it. No matter what we do to find the answers, they are always in front of our face. It comes down to if we are willing to see the answer that is presented to us. I have seen people fill their lives with ever cause and never find the answer. It is sad when people don’t find the answer. The answer is so simple, but again we have to be willing to see and receive. If you want to see people without a clue, just turn on the evening news. There you will see murders, mayhem, causes and people who are lost in causes. Being able to see who you are brings a responsibility. You become accountable for your brother. When God ask Cain, after he had killed his brother Abel, where is your brother? Cain said, Am I my brother’s keeper? And he answered correctly. We are our brother’s keeper. Cain answered the question who am I and what am I supposed to do in life. Jesus answered the question when He said, there are two great commandments. The first is to love God with all your heart and strength. The second is like the first. You are to love you brother as yourself. Jesus said, in this is all the law and the prophets. The answer had always been right in front of your face. It is up to you to see and believe. Then you will know who you are.


The Simple Life

It is funny how our lives become so complicated as we grow older. And we long for the simple life. But when we were children, we longed for the complicated life of an adult. Now most of us wish we had simplicity. How did we get to the situation? We are the ones that built our lives. Step by step, we added to our lives thinking that we were improving our lives. Until we reached that point where we realized that we were carrying our world on our shoulders. I have seen some people crushed by their world. Where some have been able to carry it, but with regrets. Personal, I came to a place where I didn’t like what I saw and wanted better. For a while, I couldn’t find a better way. I was getting frustrated with the whole process. I wanted someone to show me the way. That’s when I met my friend Kevin, who asked me to join their business. In the process, he showed me a better way. I saw that it was better than what I had, and I took the chance. I have never regretted it. My life, although sometimes not easy, has become very simple. All the complications of life I am able to bear with relative ease. Because I listen and accept and followed after God. My life on this earth works like it supposed to. And anyone who needs help or a better way to live can do the same. Just ask Jesus to forgive you and follow after Him.


My Favorite Story

Of all the stories in the world, my favorite stories are about King David of Israel. They are located in the Old Testament of the bible. This man led an adventurous life. There was nothing dull or boring about him. He started out in life as the seventh son of a man named Jesse. As the youngest, he had to do the chores that his older brothers didn’t want to do, tending the sheep. While out in the wilderness, a lion and bear, not at the same time, came to eat the sheep. David killed both of them with a staff, club and sling. Then the prophet of Israel, Samuel, came and anointed him king of Israel. He didn’t become King for another 10-15 years. There was a king, Saul, who God had rejected and would eventually replace with David. It was always amazing to me how David’s life fell into place. It wasn’t an easy life, but a consistent life. David loved the Lord and wrote music to God. There is a song today from the movie Shrek, about King David and his music. The song is called Hallelujah. David discovered a musical progress that is still used today. And this music pleased God. I believe that was the key to David’s life, to please God. Not only is He my God, but also, He is my Father. He birthed me into this world. And I want nothing more than to please my Father. So, this is my story, like King David, I lead an adventurous life with my Father, God. Oh, my the way, my prophet is Jesus.


The End

We are always looking for something new to do. We strive to find something new or exciting, because what we had before ended. If it isn’t a new book, it is clothes or food. Looking for a good restaurant has become a passion. There are guides in even city. In my home town, restaurants make up more than half the industry and income there. It runs in the billions of dollars. There are restaurants, food trucks, street vendors and catering companies everywhere. This area of Louisiana is known for Cajun food. People come from everywhere just to eat our food. Many food restaurants are seasonal and shut down part of the year, accordingly to the crawfish. But for all the good food, everything comes to an end. Festivals end. Restaurants open and close many times a year. All things in life come to an end. Some we expect and some we don’t know about until it happens. The process of ending and starting again is what I am talking about. When things end sometimes there is no starting again. It is just over. We must deal with the loss and go on. And sometimes it is the end of our life. Then what do you do? Where do we go when our life ends? It is an interesting question that people had to deal with since the beginning of time. There are many far out answers that really don’t make any sense. And there are some good answers that are partially truth. But there is only one way. And people have to find it. And I don’t even have to say it for everyone to know what it is. Isn’t that funny. And this is the End.



As you get older, it seems that time speeds up. It’s not true, but what happens is that you begin to do more. Time is constant and relentless. Each of us has been given so much time. It is as individual as we are. No one knows exact how much time we have. But it is up to us to use our time correctly. I have wasted time like anyone else. When your young you have all the time in the world. So, we think. But time itself is limited. Time will run out. So, our time will end also. You can never get more. Once, you have used your time, it is finished. You look around and see young people who have died, and their lives were cut short. Or, if only they had more time to finish his or her life. When your life ends, you are disconnected from this life for your time is over. Everything you have or cherished stays on this earth. You came into this world with nothing and you will certainly not take anything with you. As an author said, when the best laid plans of mice and men go awry. Then it is too late to make plans for life. Where are you going? What are you doing with the time that has been given to you? Where does time end for you? These are important questions that you need to answer now. As they say, before time runs out for you.

Crain Blanchard.