The Church

What is the church? Most people think it is the people that go to a particular building every Sunday. It may be called a congregation, however it isn’t the church. The church is a peculiar group of people that have the distinction and honor of being the sons and daughters of God. It doesn’t matter what denomination you belong to. Because God didn’t start denominations. Man did. In the first century, there was a local church. People could belong to it if they were recommended by people in the church or a pastor of other church. If you didn’t have this certification you could not belong to that church. In the first century, the government was trying to kill off the church. So they would send people to try to infiltrate their meetings. There were no denominations. Everybody belong to God’s church or they didn’t belong. If you were a Christian and couldn’t verify it, you would probably be killed. The church wasn’t only where you could learn of God, it was a sanctuary for the government of the day. And I am afraid it is coming back to that again. If you really want to see who you are and what is really going on. Don’t look at yourself as a member of this or that denomination. Your teacher isn’t the man in the pulpit. Your teacher is the Holy Spirit. You belong to God and God is ultimately responsible for you. God says you were bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

Decently and In Order

I am watching my cat clean herself. She is taking her time to clean herself as well as she can. She takes one area at a time. With her paw she scrubs each area of her body. And she won’t stop until she is clean. It is called being fastidious. God made that cat to be that way. Don’t laugh, can you say that you are doing what God has given to you to do? And doing it fastidiously. That cat knows what it is supposed to do and is doing it. How many people can say the same thing? Do you know what you are supposed to do? It took me quite a few years to figure out what my calling was from God. I had no inkling of what God wanted. But until I started studying to find out what it was, I was at a loss. As I have said before, we learn a little bit at a time, here a little there a little. So what have I learned? I not as dumb as I thought I was. God loves me unconditionally. He raised Jesus from the dead to make Him Lord of Lords and King of Kings. God gave me the kingdom of God here and now. All I have to do is ask and He will give to me His will. What is His will? His will is healing, deliverance, health, and salvation. I have learned a lot in these few short years. I am glad about that. God says call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you don’t know.


What is real power? When I was young I saw older guys lifting weights. I thought how powerful they were. I had superheroes I thought could solve all my problems. Did you know that the writers of Superman changed him during WWII, from solving all the problems to helping solve problems? So people would not rely on someone else to solve their problems. You see the real power isn’t in muscles or guns. It’s funny how people think that everything can be solved by the government or the army. WWII was solved by people coming together in 1 mind and 1 accord. You know that is what got Babylon in trouble with God in the first place. They thought that they could defeat God because they were all in 1 mind and 1 accord. God fixed the situation by scrambling their languages. They left in different direction because they couldn’t understand each other’s language. It’s funny, every time man thinks that he has stopped God, God turns it back on man. But back to power. Everyone knows the story of Rwanda. How 1 tribe began killing another for power and control. But do you know what their solution was after the killing stopped? The solution was forgiveness. The government took the tribe that did the killing and brought them to villages of the people they killed. The villagers forgave the people and let them live among them. Now you want to talk about real power. God brought the spirit of reconciliation to heal mankind. He name is Jesus.


Violence is the destructive nature of man. It comes in all forms. Bullying is a form of violence. But I am old school about the solution. A bully is a coward and a swift blow to the nose would resolve a lot of things. I don’t advocate violence as a solution. I advocate that you stand up and facing it head on with courage. There are more insidious forms of violence. It is how this blog got started. I was watching a commercial about abused animals. It said how people should be involved to stop it. Then I thought how people should be involved in stopping the killing of innocent children. I was talking to a person who worked in the US Justice Department about violence in this country. I said that after the US Supreme Court decision about abortion, that the murder and violence rate has climbed exponentially in the country. He kept saying no, but the statistics bear it out. If life isn’t protect, it is open season on man. I know that it is a touchy subject. Man wants what he wants. And everything is right in his own eyes. What will happen in the end? What will man do? Will man destroy everything that is good? Hitler tried to conquer the world. He marched his army in every country he could. He was successful in killing 50 million people. God didn’t leave one brick on top of the other in Germany. Over 80 million Germans were killed in WWII. Their country was destroyed. God says if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. God also says you have a free will and need to choose what you will do about your life.

My Younger Brother Bill

I had 3 brothers until I bury my younger brother Bill this week. My little brother would follow me around. Sometimes I would lead him right into trouble. But most of the times we just played. Our neighborhood was filled with children. There was an alley behind the house that we ran up and down. We would built forts from Christmas trees. We played hid and seek and did just about everything a kid could do back there. There was a confederate Jasmine bush that was over 10 feet tall in the alley. We would climb up inside to the top and side down the bush. We would climb almost anything that was there, trees, bushes and garages. We would get on top on the garage and throw roof shingles at each other. Of course we did this when daddy wasn’t home. My little brother followed me. We were in the school choir together. We were both sopranos. They were forming a special boy’s choir. We both tried out for the choir, but he made it. My voice was changing into a tenor and they only wanted sopranos. When we were in high school, we started going our separate ways. We had discovered something new, girls. Bill met a special girl and married her right after high school. He started working in the oil field and I didn’t see him much. He and his wife had three boys and 5 grandchildren. This kept them very busy. Somehow our lives flashed before us and we were older men. Cancer took Bill last week. We buried him this week. And God is still faithful. And I miss my younger brother Bill.

Fitting In

Where do you fit in? Everyone wants to fit in somewhere. Sometimes it is with your family, but mostly it is just trying to fit in with your friends. The young people tend to gravitate to other young people. Us old guys tend to talk to older people and children. I have seen people take to the ninth degree. It is rather a sad commentary on people. Everybody is unique. Many people have quirks that are unique to themselves. I wouldn’t call people odd, but sometimes that is the case. Whether odd, unique or quirky, God made us all. We are to a point, different from each other. I like blues and purples. My wife likes reds and purples. God made us to fit together. We are only separated by what we think. Sometimes then it isn’t really real. God said do unto other as you would have other to do to you. God also said He is no respecter of persons. He judges all peoples by their hearts. This is the true judgement of people. You see everybody’s heart looks the same. There really is no difference.

Why Do We have to Change?

The one constant in this world is change. We can’t stop it or prevent it. When you’re your young it is easier to change than when you are old. Tell me about it. You get set in your ways and that is what you like. It doesn’t matter even if your ways are destructive. You become use it them, like old friends and acquaintances’. You can plod along in life and not knowing there is a better way. Doesn’t it annoy you when someone comes along that is truly happy with their situation in life. You see a person who knows God and happily shines their light on our lives. In that light you begin to see your life as it really is. Sometimes your life isn’t that great as you thought it was. Then it becomes really annoying. God says that the heart of man is the most deceitful thing on earth. He also says the man believes what is right in his own eyes. This is why we can’t judge rightfully on our own. God put inside of us the need to seek a higher power to help us live. People fill their lives with everything from rocks that heal to booze to drain out the sorrow. Nothing really works like it supposed to. There is really only one place we can go to receive the guidance and help for our lives and it ain’t the rocks. God loves us more than anything and is willing to help us with everything. Why is it so hard to ask Him for help? Why can’t you go to God? Yes, you will find out who you are, but it only hurts for a little while. God said call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things which thou know not. Call Him and ask.

To Be or Not To Be

That really is the question. To be a Christian or not. When I began to walk with God it was strictly by faith. I knew nothing. When I say I knew nothing. I had not read the bible at all. I was 28 years old and completely ignorant. I went to a parochial school sponsored by a church. I graduated from high school where I took religion classes and never read the bible. I had some strange ideas back then about God. I always saw God as having a big stick. If I did wrong He was going to swat me good. As God’s child I have received spankings. And I deserved it. But for the most part, His love is a far better teacher than His stick. Jesus choose 12 men to teach about the kingdom of God. All these men had a profession before Jesus picked them. Peter, Andrew, John, James, Thomas and Bartholomew were fishermen. Matthew was a tax collector. Philip, James and Judas were tradesmen. Simon and Judas were zealots, freedom fighters against the Romans. It took Jesus 3 years to teach these men about how the kingdom of God works. So when Jesus died they were ready to take over the church. In any profession there is an end goal. To learn the skills well enough to be able to function partially on your own. God is always calling people to come to Him and learn. Can you answer the question? Is it to be or not to be a Christian?

Teaching, Traditional or Unorthodox

Learning comes in many forms. Everybody went to grammar school. They learned their ABC’s in whatever language used in their country. Then they learned reading, writing and arithmetic. Then they went on to high school and then some went to college. Depending on the school, the information learned was traditional. In the past few years teaching has become unorthodox. The school system still uses traditional classrooms, but have gone outside the school to teach broader subjects. I received a traditional education, grammar school, high school then on to college. When God got a hold of me, I was too old for the traditional bible school. I was set on another path, the unorthodox one. When the Apostle Paul met Jesus on the Damascus road, he had graduated from the best theological school in Israel. God had to take Paul and put him on the backside of the desert to teach him. For about 14 years Paul had to unlearn all that he was taught. That is why he wrote most of the New Testament. So God took me to the backside of the desert to teach me. You could say it was the school of hard knocks. God wanted me to see His prospective and understand how the kingdom of God really works. Christianity isn’t a church or a denomination. It is trusting and believing that God will do what He says. And the only way that you are going to find out what God says is to read His word. So just read the bible.

Good News

Everybody wants to hear good news. There is so much bad news in this world. Good news like a baby is born or I got a new job or I paid off the mortgage. But it doesn’t always work that way. Why can’t we have good news all the time? What is wrong in this world that we have to hear bad news? I look at the evening news stations and all they are reporting on is death and destruction. And they say that is what the people want to hear. Why are all the new movies stupid and annoying? I must say there are a few good movies, but they are few and far between. People want to be encouraged about life. They really want to hear how someone succeeded. It is not a rare thing to want to hear good things. Jesus began teaching in His home town of Nazareth. He spoke about what God was going to bring to His people. The people started fussing about Jesus saying such mighty things in church. After all He was just a carpenter’s son and not a bounified teacher of the law. Jesus said this is why all of you don’t receive miracles. They got angry and grabbed Jesus. They were going to throw Him off a cliff. They all became confused and Jesus walked away. Hearing good news from God is what He wants to do for us. He wants us to be encouraged that our lives can work out the way it is supposed to. God was so encouraged that we could respond, He wrote it all down in one book, the bible. Read it for yourself and find out what He really has to say.