The Fear of Separation

I have seen so many things happen because of fear. People are stopped in their tracks. President Franklin Roosevelt wrote about the 4 freedoms. One of them was the freedom from fear. The United States was engaged in WWII and it wasn’t going very well. Fear can do many horrible things to a people. When fear grips a person’s heart, it can separate them from other people. If they are afraid of rejection, they will separate themselves and it will create loneness. Which is a tormenting spirit. One of the horrible things of war is what happens to children. In WWII, it was documented a small child had lost his parents. He had been crying for three days until he stopped all together. All he was doing was shaking. The fear of separation had gripped his heart. The Americans that found him said that it took months of attention for the child to come around. Fear is as real as we are. The bible says that people are in bondage all their lives because of the fear of death. We are social beings. We need to have people and relationships around us. Without them loneness and violent can grip us. Antisocial behavior is all about being alone. I know what it is like to have death grip you. And by the grace of God, death was defeated. I am not speaking from conjecture. I have experienced all this personally. When I found God, the world changed for me. I found someone that loved me just because I existed. Then I found in the bible where God said, who can separate us for the love of God. In Romans 8:38,39 it says, “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (KJV).


For years now the struggle against authority has been raging. I can’t say that rebellion began in the 1960’s, but it came of age in America. I grew up in a conservative home. My parents tried to teach me self-constraint. It was like water on a duck’s back. It didn’t really take effect until my rebellion started to cost me. I will tell you the truth, it cost me a lot. I wouldn’t listen until I was almost 30 years old. That is because I was so close to death. I had burned down everything that was good and true in my life. I finally figured out that my parents weren’t as stupid as I thought they were. Each person has to come to that reality or they will lose their life, literally. Authority is portrayed as something useless. You don’t have to go far in America to see people who have lost the constraint of authority. All you have to look at is the mess in Missouri and Maryland. Then you can look at people who believe in authority in South Carolina after the church shooting. In the past few weeks there have been 9 police officers killed in the line of duty in America. If you don’t recognize what this whole plan is I will tell you. If is a plan to discredit God Himself. Without God in charge, who will fix the problems of man? You can see for yourself the failed plans of our government to fix anything. Every great civilization has fallen because of the lack of God in their lives. Soon Christianity will be outlawed in America. What will happen is the fall of America. The church will have to go underground just like the 1st century Christians did. There was a Roman Centurion who went to Jesus to ask for help. His servant was sick. As the soldier approached Jesus, he began to ask for help. Jesus said I will go to your house. The soldier said, I am a man under authority. All I have to say is to do this or that and it is done. He ask Jesus just to speak the word and his servant would be healed. Jesus said, I haven’t found so great a faith in all of Israel. You can’t be in authority without being under authority.

A Difference of Opinion

Everybody wants to be different. They have different hair, cars, clothes or manner of speaking. It sometimes funny to see how far people will go to be different. Most of it is just fads. But everyone has a story that needs to be told. You see when your story is told, you make a difference in this world. It like a tale being told. It is funny how some authors are not recognized until they are dead. The same happens to a lot of people. Some are never recognized. But people go on being different. It sad that people think they will be ordinary if they don’t do something outrageous. Where are all the people that did spectacular things in their lives? Most of them are living quiet lives with their families. I’m not saying don’t be different. What I am saying is affect the world around you for the good. If you are a farmer, teach people to grow food. If you are a businessman, help those that are struggling. Whatever you are doing, do something about the needs that you see in your community. Everyone has a story that needs to be told. You have a story and don’t think for a minute it isn’t worthy of being told. God doesn’t make junk. Man makes junk out of lives. I just have to laugh at the things people do to be different. It always makes me realize how precious in God’s sight His people are. You see we are all the same, even though we look different. For God isn’t a respecter of persons. Everyone is the same to God. He looks on the heart, not the outward appearance. And we are the image and likeness of God. So differences don’t really matter to God and shouldn’t to us. So do unto others as you would have others do to you.

The Unknown

One of the scariest things in my life was the unknown. When I graduated from High School I began to realize that I was leaving the comfort of home and going into the unknown. I had a frown on my face. As I passed my mother on the way out, she said put a smile on your face. It was hard to smile because I was afraid. If there is one thing that I have learned on my journey through life is that everything changes. It changes every day and every minute of that day. It kind of genders insecurity. You have to learn who you are and like yourself. Sometimes people take the wrong road and get struck in life that is destroying them. I have found that anyone who believes that they know everything and which way to go are fools. Don’t follow them because they will destroy themselves and anyone who will follow. I have only found one person who knew which way to go and was willing to lead me there. His name is Jesus. You see I was one of those people who lead people astray. I know from personal experience that it was the wrong way. It was by the grace of God that I came back from hell and have survived my stupidity. I can’t say that my journey was always successful. There were many valley experiences. I had to go through the valley of death so I would be able to see the life that God has for me. I didn’t like going through the valley, but it was for my good. Even when one of my sons was dying, I knew that God would lead me through. I put my trust and faith into His hands, and my son was healed in 4 days. I have had prays answered immediately. Then the longest time for a pray to be answered was 22 years. In all that time I had to walk through the unknown with only trust and faith in my heavenly Father. What God did for me, He will do for you. All you have to do is ask and He will answer.

Religious Freedom

Lord Baltimore received a charter from Charles I to colonize the new world. The land that was given to Lord Baltimore was between Pennsylvania and Virginia. Ever since the time of Henry VIII, the Catholics in England didn’t fare so well. Lord Baltimore wanted a place where Catholics could go for religious freedom. Lord Baltimore II finally sent colonists in 1634. That was three years before my 9th great grandfather landed in Boston. He was coming to the new world for the same reason, religious freedom. Although my grandfather was a protestant, he wasn’t in the Church of England. The English church didn’t want these French upstarts preaching their brand of Christianity. So many of them left England and went to America. The Catholics in Maryland established themselves. They had more problems with Protestants then they did with the Indians. They made Maryland profitable. They grew tobacco. They didn’t stop Protestants from immigrating into Maryland. Although the government officials were all Catholics, they still had problems with the Protestants. Isn’t it funny that everyone came to America for freedom and many didn’t want to extend it to everyone? Especially where money was involved. There are four location in the United States that are predomitly Catholic. There are south Louisiana, Boston, New York and Maryland. I was raised catholic. They have a strong sense of community and compassion for people. They are willing to help people. Even today there are feeding programs around the world. Today this saying is made into a joke but is very true. When a young man would bring home a girl to meet his parent, his mother would ask who is your mother, are you catholic and can you make a roux. People came for religious freedom, which is in jeopardy today in America. In John 8:36, it says, “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

Johnny Appleseed

He is an American Icon. There are very few people who know what he was about. It is true that he walked about with a pot on his head. It was the easiest way to carry his supper pot. He was a vegetarian. He was single handedly responsible for creating the apple industry in America. He did it one tree at a time. He would plant orchards or nurseries in the wilderness of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. He had a supplier of apple seeds in Pennsylvania. He would go there and load up on apple seeds. Then walk to Ohio or Illinois. The American Indians believed that he had the Great Spirit with him. They left him only. He never wore shoes or had money on him. He did own the nurseries that he planted. It was the wilderness and was given the land. He was a Christian man that spread to gospel to the Native Americans as well as the pioneers. He would sing hymns or read from the bible and people would feed him or give him a place to sleep. Most times he slept outdoors. This simple man, who never married, had an adventure with God. He traveled most of the Ohio River valley. He didn’t see the big picture, but was willing to follow God wherever. Just think if you followed God on an adventure what would happen. You will never know what God has planned for you until you are willing to surrender. Once you do surrender, God will transform you into a person who will conquer your world for God. This humble man died before the Civil War. God spared him the horror brought on by man. John 1:12 “But as many as received him, to them gave the power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:”

Not Important

People are always pushing and shoving for position. Everybody want to be number one. People don’t pay attention to the small things about us. They want the best or the biggest. This is human nature. It is greedy, selfish, conceited and just plain stupid. After King Saul died, King David went and retrieved the Ark of the Covenant. On the way back to Jerusalem, the cart carrying the Ark hit bumps in the road. The Ark was about to fall off the cart and one of the priest reached out to grab the Ark. God struck him dead. David became so angry that he turn the cart into a small farm and left it there. God blessed the farmer with great abundance. David went and brought the Ark back to Jerusalem. That farmer, who was not important was mentioned in the bible. There are many people who are not important in anyone’s plans that God blesses because they are faithful. There was a man in the Old Testament whose name meant sorrowful. He was mentioned in 2 scriptures. His name was Jabez. In the first scripture it talks about what his name meant. In the second scripture it records his prayer. It was a very simple prayer. His family wasn’t wealthy. They needed help and the only help for him was God. He prayed his prayer and then it says that God heard him and answered. The prayers of the unimportant people are important to God. And God will answer your prayer. Connect with God and watch what His does for you.


There is all kinds of music. I have my own preferences. I like jazz, not Dixieland but blues, like George Benson or Dizzy Gillespie. I all so like Gospel, Adult Contemporary Christian music. I also like Classical, like Bach, Beethoven or Mozart. Did you know that Mozart had a God given talent that he could write music in his head then transfer it to paper? Did you know that most people started singing or playing a musical in church? Jimmy Hendrix was a preacher’s son. Even Elvis started by singing Gospel. Most Country Western Singers and musicians sing Gospel. When you see a musical prodigy, it is a gift of God. Music began with God and actually will end with Him. Music stirs the soul of man for very real reason. Music was given to us by God and we being the image and likeness of God are moved. Unfortunately some people are moved by music to the other side away from God. Just as faith and unbelief are the flip sides of the same coin. Music can be positive or negative. I was a music director for a Christian radio station. I listened to all the music sent to the radio station. Then I chose selection for the station. I like that job, because I listen to music all day long. It was interesting to me. I chose music sometimes that conflicted with what the Music Company wanted us to play. I got one guy so angry at me. He fused but I wouldn’t budge on the selection. I had a criteria for selecting music. He called back the next day and apologized to me. Music stirs the soul of man for a real reason. I pray that it stirs you to move toward God.


It is a very common word. It is uses in almost everywhere. But what does it really mean? In the US Declaration of Independence it says that all men are created equal. It doesn’t mean that they will be treated equally. Although the US is the melting pot of the world and most people bring their national pride with them to this country. This doesn’t always make a harmonious situation. But I must say that as the rest of the world goes the US has comes as close as humanly possible. People are separated by ethnic background, money, color of their skin, beauty, relative size or just plain stupidity. The US has legislated equality as far as it can be taken. It doesn’t mean that it works. You have to change the heart of man first. You look around and see so many programs to educate people or laws to stop human activity. You can educate people until they can’t stand it anymore and it means nothing. You can’t stop human activity until they want to. And the only way I know to do that is to change a person’s heart. You want to take a guess where you have to go to change your heart? It ain’t your local grocery store. You know the place already. God is the only one who can change a man’s heart. This is the only way to stop the evil in this world. It doesn’t happen with the educated or sophisticated. But getting back to equality, the only place I know of is in the kingdom of God. God says that He is no respecter of persons. Everyone is equal is the kingdom of God. That is why you can’t take anything with to heaven. Being equal in God’s kingdom means that you will stand before God for yourself. There will be no excuses either. This is real equality.

¿dónde está tu primer amor?

This is a title of a song written by some friends from Peru. They are a musical family that play pan pipes. They performed at our church. They were excellent musicians and self-taught. They played guitars and pan pipes of which they made themselves. When they played this song it struck me that it was a scripture from the book of Revelations. Where Jesus asked the church at Ephesus what had happened to them. They were given everything, a free city from the Romans, a booming economy, paved roads, street lights, running water, sewer systems and no real opposition to Christianity. 40 years after they started the church in Ephesus, they had walked away from Jesus. God had given them an ideal life in the 1st century. And they had lost their first love. The others churches in the country of Turkey now, had suffered great oppression. They were faithful to God. Maybe having wealth and prosperity is more of a struggle in Christianity. It reminds me of a country that use to send missionaries to the world. Now it has for the past 30 years been receiving missionaries. I know about this because I live in that country. It is none other than the United States. After 9/11 the churches were full and everybody wanted God to do something. For about two months, people attended churches. Then they went home and stayed. This country is headed for a downfall that God will not stop. During WWII God destroyed Germany for killing 50 million people. In this country, we have killed over 50 million children since 1973. Do not think that you will escape the wrath to come because you are a Christian. All I can say is pray and ask God to forgive you. The time and date I do not know. But it is time to prepare. You don’t have long.