In every generation, there is the catch-word of the day. It is an effort to identify that generation as an individual. Some catch-words have been less than intelligent, while others are brilliant. It is like leisure suits, bell-bottom pants and platform shoes. Of which I never wore one of them. I did have long hair and a beard. All of this was an effort to figure out who we were. I know who I wanted to be, but it didn’t always work out that way. I really didn’t figure out who I was or what I really wanted out of life until God got a hold of my life. God took me to school and taught me about life. I saw what I could do and what I was doing. On my own, I really didn’t live up to my potential. I fell short of most things because I didn’t believe that I could do it. As God taught me, I began to see what options were available to me. As they say the sky was the limit. As God took me through my paces, I began to work in the kingdom of God. I have seen so many miracles. It never gets old or boring. I found that what God says in the bible is true and for me to accomplish. Anything that God says in the bible isn’t unreasonable for me to accomplish. It is about faith, believing and trusting that God is real and for me. You know what is sad, is that we should be a super race of people. Where we live our lives like Adam did in the Garden of Eden. Not like the disgraced and defeated people we have become. I have become Pro-Active in the kingdom of God and affect the world around me. Just think if we all did that, there would be no sickness, disease, poverty or lack of anything.


Heart to Heart #7

I am continuing this blog to Christians. It took years for God to cleanse my heart of all the worldly things. But I had to be willing to allow Him to clean my heart. It hurt sometimes more than I wanted. But I knew that once God had finished, I would be clean and be able to see clearly. I didn’t like the process, but I like the results. Now I will tell you a truth, the process is on-going. Why would God have to continually cleanse my heart? Because I am an imperfect man. I will be perfect when I cross over into heaven. But until that time, I have to let God find things in my heart. There is an interesting thing that God said about us. He said that when Jesus returns we will see Him. Because we will be like Him. That is an interesting question. Who is like Jesus? How many of you can say for certain that you are like Jesus? Because if you aren’t, you will not see Jesus when He returns. It is a scary thing, saying that you will be raptured out of the earth and you can’t see Jesus. It means that you aren’t going anywhere. Just because you walked up to the altar and asked Jesus to forgive you, doesn’t mean you have a place in heaven. Jesus said those that endure until the end of their life will be saved. Christianity isn’t about church or any organization or your participation in any outreach. You can’t give money to get into heaven. You can’t sneak in or come by any other door. It is by Jesus only that you can enter into heaven. So, the question is, do you know Jesus and Him crucified? Christianity is about knowing God and Jesus. And having faith and trust in them both. And walking from here to heaven on God’s path. There is no other way. I hope and pray you are still with me and will enter into the kingdom of God.  God bless and keep you.


Heart to Heart #6

I am continuing this discussion with Christians. You know what breaks my heart. This is the 6th day I have written on this topic and there are people who have gone into eternity thinking I was wrong. I have never given anyone my opinion. Every topic I discussed was straight out of the bible. God said, to combat heresy, you tell the truth, not your opinion. So, where is your life headed? Are you assured of life after this existence on earth? The bible says that we have a witness in our heart, that tells us we are children of God. Of course, the witness is the Holy Spirit. Jesus said He would send a teacher that would show us who we are and where to go. Again, that teacher is the Holy Spirit. Now if the teacher lives in your heart, why isn’t your life reflecting the life of God? Long ago, God showed me that all the great men and women of God were just ordinary Christians. Jesus commanded us to go into the world and do the works of God. He said that we would do more than He did on this earth, because He sits in heaven next to God. Jesus sits next to God ever interceding for us. With the Holy Spirit in us teaching and leading, we should set the world on fire with the gospel. And yet all I see is that Christianity is waning. Churches are on the decline. The Church has become a business and God is left out. So, where is the life of God? Why doesn’t your life reflect God to this lost and dying world? I tell you what, you can stand before God and tell Him why you didn’t accomplish His plan in your life. That is a dangerous place to be. There is nothing on this earth as dangerous or risky than to stand before God and explain why you failed. Remember what Jesus said, I never knew you. I’ll continue tomorrow if we are all here and God allows.


Heart to Heart #5

I am continuing this discussion to Christians. I have ended each blog with the saying that I will continue tomorrow. Now I ask you how many tomorrows to you have left? Our lives are compared to the wind that is here now and gone tomorrow. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. All that God gives us is now, today is the day. So how do you live today? Is it the way the God wants for us? Or are you living for yourself? It is a sad way to live, because when your life is through, it is just you. Then where will you be? No one in this world has the power to do anything? You can’t change a thing in your life. Only with the power of God, can anything in your life change. And I can hear people say that I have accomplished many things. There are going to be people who lived in the church and did many things like, visiting the sick, given to the poor and even prophesying. And when they reach the judgement of God, Jesus is going to say depart from Me for I never knew you. It isn’t the church or any denomination that will get you to heaven. It is the knowledge, faith and trust in Jesus that open the gates of heaven for you. The saddest thing on this earth is that only a few people will ever make it into heaven. And it is by their own choice that it will happen. God doesn’t condemn people. It is by the choice that people make. You have to choose to go to hell. God’s heart is that everyone would go to heaven. As a Christian, where do you stand in God’s plan? Are you willing to be in the presence of God and allow God to fulfill His purpose in our lives? I will continue this discussion tomorrow, if you are with us.


Heart to Heart #4

I am continuing this blog series to Christians. I know that some people will not understand what I am writing, but please just listen. As Jesus began to teach the disciples how to be believers, He taught them to pray and ask God to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. Everyone knows the prayer as the Lord’s Prayer. It is an example of how to pray, but it is also an example of how we are to live on this earth. For myself, I have focused on one part of that prayer as a ministry. It is the part that says, Thy will be done on this earth as it is in heaven. To accomplish that part in my life, I have had to live in the presence of God. I not only live there, but studied the bible until it became real and practiced in my life. When God had Moses to deliver the children of Israel and bring them to Mount Sinai, God had a plan for Israel. After Moses prepared the people to meet God, everyone gathered at the mountain. When God descended on Mount Sinai, the earth shook, the trumpets of God sounded and fire broke out on the mount. The people of God saw this heavenly power displayed and became afraid. They turned to Moses and said, you go talk to God and we will listen to you. They gave up the chance to be kings and priests to God. God wants everyone to be able to come to Him and talk to Him directly. And it is happening all over again. Unfortunately, it happens far too often. God wants His children to live in His presence all the time.  It is a choice that you have to make. God will not force you to do anything. Now the devil will force you. I will continue this discussion tomorrow.


Heart to Heart #3

I’m continuing a series about what I see in the kingdom of heaven. Please just bear with me and just listen. I have watched churches come and go. I started with the Lord in a revival that lasted almost 5 years. The church was 1500 strong. So many people came to that church were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. In that time period, almost every church in town was filled to capacity. It was phenomenal. It had an elementary school, as well as bible college. God was doing so many miracles, it was hard to keep up with it all. Then the pastors got into an argument and split the church. They each went there way and God left. The revival ended as fast as it had started. Today that church has about 25 people in it. It was 40 years ago, a generation. Christianity isn’t about a church or denomination. It is about your relationship with God. Yes, God wants us to fellowship together to provide support for each other. But Christianity is about your ongoing faith and belief in God. Where we trust and believe that God is going to bring us from here to heaven. I have never looked to a man to follow. I only look to God and His direction. I respect Pastors and Teacher for the work in the kingdom they do. But it is you and God alone. With that belief, you will be able to overcome the world and see the kingdom of God come to this earth. I’ll will continue this discussion tomorrow.


Heart to Heart #2

Today I am continuing a message to Christians. This message has been heavy on my heart for a long time. Please just bear with me and just listen. Whenever God is going to do something, He always starts at His house first. We as Christians aren’t immune to the troubles of this world. Wherever we live, we will face the same troubles. I was flooded out in August of last year. As God says, it rains on the just and the unjust. So, we have to bear the extra burden of this world as well as the battle against darkness. God doesn’t force us to continue on in the kingdom of heaven. I have seen many a Christians get to a place and just sit down. It was because they didn’t want to bear the burden anymore. I know how hard it is to be on the front lines for any length of time. It can cost you everything. When Elijah ran for his life, because Jezebel was going to kill him. Elijah complained to God that he was the only believer left. God corrected him and said that there were more than 7000 believers who had not bowed to the devil. The assault by the enemy has been formidable. He isn’t strong enough to overthrow God’s kingdom. But what he does is to attack strays and weaker Christians. He wants to stop them from being Christians. If he can get them to sit down and stop praying and sharing the gospel, he wins somewhat. And the Christian’s life goes into chaos. I’ll continue this tomorrow.


Heart to Heart

I have been writing my blog to the general population, not just to Christians. Everyone needs to be encouraged about life. This particular blog is directed to Christians. Not everyone will understand what I am talking about, but just listen. When we were strangers from the love of God, we felt that heavy burden of sin in our lives. It was so heavy that we just couldn’t stand it anymore. We looked for relief everywhere. Until we came to God, there was no relief for us. When God forgave us the sins in our lives, the burden of sin was relieved. We felt the joy of God and began to learn of Him. New Christians are at church every time the doors are open. They participate in all the activities they can. It is because they want to be in the presence of God and fellow believers. I have seen baby Christians perform miracles far beyond their ability or knowledge. God is willing to give to anyone who ask the kingdom of heaven. I was told as a new Christian that the joy and enthusiasm would wear off after a while. I prayed that it never would happen to me. God told me that it didn’t have to happen. It was a choice. As a Christian learning about the ways of God, I became a threat to the devil and his kingdom. So, resistance against me became stronger. But God doesn’t allow any resistance to be stronger than I could handle. God said that He would always make a way through the storm. Because we have to go through the storm to prove who God is. I’ll continue this tomorrow.


The Importance of Family

Right after Cain killed his brother Abel, God asked Cain where is your brother? Cain answered and said a truth that rings down through the centuries. He said, Am I my brother’s keeper? The answer is yes. We are our brother’s keeper and are responsible to God to maintain that relationship all of our life. It is the truth of family. The most basic unit in this world is family. We are social beings and live by having a relationship with each other. That old saying is also true, no man is an island. More than not, people who have gone crazy believe that they are alone in the world. On the other hand, there are stories of friends or people who have loved you, just because. Those relationships never seem to end, even though they live across the country. It is all about the importance of family in our lives. We all have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and lots of cousins. Then there are your best friends, which you are blessed to have at least one in your life. Then there is your wife or husband and let us not forget our children. Of which, they will never let you forget the fact. There is nothing in this world that will complete us more than our children. It is like they are the final piece of the puzzle of our life. They are the only ones who can teach us about unselfish love and devotion. Do you know why we are structured that way? We are God’s creation. The bible says that all of creation groans for the revelation of our older brother, Jesus Christ. You see we put Him to death, but God raised Him from the dead to lead our family back home to God. It is the importance of family.


What would you do for your child?

Children are interesting. They are half you and half your spouse. And still they turn out like who they are. My wife and I wanted a large family, but we realized very quickly that you should have as many children as you can afford. We have 4 sons, as different as night and day. Yet they have many of the same qualities. We wanted them to grow up as brothers, who loved and cared for each other. I have blond hair and blue eyes. My wife has black hair and dark brown eyes. She wanted our sons to have blond hair and blue eyes. They were all born with a full head of black hair and dark eyes. You never know how it is going to turn out. But they were all healthy and strong. And the we are grateful for. My baby is 28 years old and has a son of his own. So, what would you do for your children? How far would you go to help or defend on of your children? You know there is a very real reason why God gave us children. He wanted us to know the joy and the pain of having children to raise. He wanted us to know and understand the responsibility that comes with children. He wanted us to understand how bare up under the weight of being responsible for another human being. We complain about 1 child or 4. How hard it is to keep them in control and going in 1 direction. Just think if you had mankind as all your children. Think about the pain and sorrow they would cause you. Then think about the joy you would receive when 1 child comes home to stay. You see we are all children of God. And how longsuffering God is toward us. Think about the pain that you caused your parents and the pain your child caused you. And God still wants us to come home.