Through the years, I have developed a strong relationship and carry on a daily conversation with God. I have a wife of 40 years, four grown sons and four grandchildren. My blog site is Joseph1637.com. It’s named after his 9th great grandfather, who came to America in 1637 to find religious freedom.

My name is Crain Blanchard.

I am a licensed minister and Christian Blogger. I have ministered the Word of God in homes, hospitals, small groups and churches, including his home church. I have served as an elder, associate pastor and minister and goes where God leads to share His Word. When I began with God, 42 years ago, I wanted to know who He was and to be able to talk to Him. Prayer is communicating with God.

Christian Blogger
(2015 – To Date)
I write about Christianity and how it applies to living in this world. I have over 2000 blogs.

(2021 – 2022)
I have written a book on prayer (communicating with God). The title of the book is Prayer, God’s most valuable tool. It’s about my journey from salvation to present date. It is a journey about developing a relationship with God.

Assembly of God Minister
(1985 – To Date)
I developed skills sharing the gospel with people, with those who wanted to hear and those who did not. I learned how to carry the responsibility of Prayer.