The Riddle’s answer.

In the past couple of blogs, I have put forth a riddle to be solved. Several people have answered that riddle, but only one actually guessed it. Here is the riddle again:

What is the same and is constantly changing? And why?

I answered the why, but now for the riddle. The same or constant is change. And the changeable thing is Mankind. Through our lives and the bible, we see the changes that occur in our lives. We are always changing, for the good or bad. Sometimes, we just get stuck in the change and do not know how to fix it.

I have only found one way to fix my bad decisions. And that is in Jesus Christ. There is no other way. We will try to find other way that seems to work for a while. But in the end, we find that it was just another bad decision. Jesus is the only. He will forgive us and help us to live the right way. Then when our life is over, we get to go home to heaven.

I hope you had fun with the riddle. I will see you next time.

Crain Blanchard.


Yesterday I presented a puzzle or riddle. Only one person got the answer. I’m not going to give you the answer yet. But I will explain the why?

The riddle is: What is the same and is constantly changing?

The answer is in the riddle. The same or constant is change.

One person got the answer. So, I am giving you another to figure it out. Thanks for playing along.

Crain Blanchard.


Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. I was just taking time off. I’m going to start again with a riddle or puzzle. I always write to present a puzzle to figure out. So here is the riddle. I will give you the answer tomorrow. Let me know if you figure it out. Thanks, Crain.

What is the same and is constantly changing? And Why?

Crain Blanchard.

What’s Next?

Looking at the history of our country, America, we are not strangers to trouble. but our country has moved along with every struggle that we have gone through. Usually, we progressed strong than every. In the past 20 years, it have been different. From 2000, there has been disaster after disaster. Each one has been more devastating than the last. Each of the disasters has cost more money than we seemed to have. They have never stopped. If it was a terrorist attack, it was a fire, or a hurricane. Let us not forget the tornados that wiped out much of the mid-western states. And they lasted for almost 2 years. Then there is the on-going megadrought in the western states. Which has been on-going for 22 years. Just look at the statistics for Lake Powell and Lake Mead. Those 2 lakes provided water for irrigation and electricity to 4 states that produce 40% of all foodstuffs for the US. Lake Powell is at 138ft. deep. Normally, it is 583ft. deep. Lake Mead is 532ft. deep. Normally, it is 1229ft. deep.

There is no amount of money or government program that can stop or reverse this disaster. If the drought continues, Boulder dam will stop producing electricity and suppling water to grow food. If you take 40% of our food away, what will people live on?

I have said all this for one reason. There is only one person who can stop these disasters. One person alone. And I know that most people don’t want to hear this, but what will it take for you to listen to the truth. How many nations have fallen because they couldn’t feed their people? This isn’t a scare tactic. This is a reality check. I’ll ask you the question. Are you in right standing with God/Jesus? If you aren’t, then you can remedy the situation by asking for forgiveness and accepting Jesus in your heart. I live by Assurance, not insurance. And I know that if I seek God first and His righteousness, everything else will be added by God.

Crain Blanchard

How do you explain to People?

Have you ever talked to someone about a what you believe, and they looked at you as if you were from Mars? Or what you were diligently trying to explain to someone, they thought you had lost your mind. When I first tried to explain my conversation to Christianity to my dad, he told me to get the hell out of his house. I came back the next day and tried again. He told me the same thing. I didn’t give up and kept coming back until he finally realized that something real had happened to me. Then he listened to what I had to say. He did not accept what I was saying right away, but he listened. He was amazed at what had happen to me. He thought I would never turn out to be anything. I never told him all the things that I had gone through. One night, I came home from church, and I was full of the Holy Ghost. My dad and I did not have a good relationship. There was a time when I did not speak to him for several years. Anyway, I walked in the house and my parents were in the living room. My dad looked at me and asked if I had been drinking. It was because I looked drunk. I was, as they say, drunk in the Holy Spirit. I walked pass my father and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, tell your father you love him. I turned around and walked up to him and said, dad I love you. He looked at me and his heart melted. He said, I love you too son. It was the beginning of my relationship with my father. To get your point across to anyone, requires persistence and love. Even if they think you are a few bricks shy of a full load. God will turn around any situation, if you will stand in faith, believing that it will work out. Every believer has something worth saying. We need to say it to anyone that will listen and to those who will not listen to you. Don’t you understand yet? All these people that come before us, their lives are at stake. And if we don’t speak up, they could lose their life and place in heaven.

Crain Blanchard.

Less than Perfect.

Our goal in life is to succeed. We strive in this world to acquire the best through our skills. It even becomes an obsession in this world. People have used power, guilt, confusion, money, drugs, and sex to obtain the best of this world. But what do you have once you have obtained the things you want? It happens over and over again, that people obtain these things and don’t want them anymore. They spent all this energy and time and are not satisfied with the prize. So many times, these things cost more than they are worth. And the cost we have to paid, is more than we have to pay. I am not talking about monetary cost. I am talking about the cost of who we are. When we lose our beliefs and morals for something, who are we then. Moral corruption hastens our death. Trading our morals for the comforts of this world is shortchanging ourselves. And all this hooray becomes apparent when everything hits the fan. When we face ourselves and really see who we are, we begin to understand that we are not perfect. Then we see that we have no power to change all this hooray. People do many different things when they realize they life has hit the wall. Some just ignore the whole mess, some try self-help. But they see again it does not work. I came to this realization 42 years ago. I wandered about the country for almost a year looking for the answer. When I found the answer, I found what my life was really about. We were divinely made to share in the inheritance God so richly gave to us. My life has been all about my journey home to heaven and God, Jesus. Although I am less than perfect, I am forgiven.

Crain Blanchard

What is Reality?

I have heard throughout my life people talking about reality. Today it is the catch word of the day. There are reality shows. Why they are popular I will never know and do not want to. I like to look at shows that are genuinely real and have a purpose to them. My favorite is a show about a young couple who are building their life together. Since I started watching, they have had two children and have not tried to hide their difficulties. We look at this world and think that this is all there is. When in reality this world is only temporary. This world will end and disappear. Time is linear. Time has an end to it. Our lives are apart of this. We have an end to our lives on this earth. And there is no amount of money, power or greed that will stop it. Our lives do not depend on whether we have the latest phone, car or house to boast about. We were born with nothing and it is certain that we can’t take anything with us when we die. So, what is the reality going to be when we die? Death is final. But that is when reality begins or I should say that is when reality begins again. Life on this earth is a dress rehearsal for our real life to begin. On this earth is where we prove what God has said about Jesus is true or not. If we prove that God is true and believe, we go home to heaven and live with our Father, God. If we don’t believe, we go to another place, which is quite often refer to life on this earth, hell. The reality is that we must choose one way or the other. We all have a free will and can choose our own destiny. I pray that you choose God’s way and I get to see you in heaven.

Happy Father’s Day.

Crain Blanchard.

The Covenant of God.

Throughout the history of man there have been covenants. Covenants have been made between individuals as well as nations. They are made for many reasons. Some are mutual protection or commerce or just to keep the peace. They can be as simple as a wall or as complicated as a garrison of troops. Because of the hostility of man and the uncertainty of life, covenants like NATO were established. Usually there is a stronger member of the covenant. This will guarantee the protection and commerce needed to survive. And if you break the covenant there are consequences. Sometimes it is catastrophic for the small member. When a covenants was made in ancient times, there was always the shedding of blood to seal the deal. Animals were sacrificed as part of the agreement, signifying what will happen to the person who breaks the covenant. Also to make the bond stronger between the 2 parties. Most people don’t understand what happens when they break a covenant. Divorce is the breaking of a covenant. And the consequences to the 2 parties are real and lasting. God made a covenant with man and sealed the deal with the blood of Jesus Christ. Anyone can enter into the covenant. God has opened it up to everyone. Again those that break the covenant with God the consequence is death. But God has made a way back into His good graces by asking for forgiveness. Man is the only one that God gives a second chance too. As it says in the bible in John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (KJV). Because of this we have a chance to not only survive but prosper in the covenant of God.

Crain Blanchard

Jonah the Prophet and General MacArthur.

You would not think that they have anything in common. But they do. Everybody knows the story of Jonah and the whale. God gave to Jonah the greatest revival in the ancient world and God gave General MacArthur the greatest revival in the 20th century. Each man had difficulties getting to the place where the revivals took place. Jonah, of course, did not want to go to Nineveh, because he hated the Assyrians for what they did to Israel. General MacArthur had to fight his way to Japan, to get to the place where the revival would happen. It took Jonah about 6 months to get to Nineveh and it took General MacArthur 4 years to get to Japan. God had a plan for each man to fulfill. Jonah walked across Nineveh in about 3 days. As he preached the gospel, people began to repent and put on sackcloth and ashes. When the king of the Assyrians heard the gospel, he repented and commanded that everyone put on sackcloth and ashes from the highest to the lowest. General MacArthur became governor of Japan and saw a people demoralized because they lost their belief system. God showed him that Christianity was the only hope the Japanese people had. He called for missionaries to come to Japan. Over 2000 missionaries came to Japan. Revival broke out among the people. In four years, a great revival happened in Japan, and they accepted Jesus as Lord. God gave Jonah the largest revival in the Old Testament over a 100,000 people repented and turned to Jesus. God gave General MacArthur the largest revival in the 20th century where over 4 million people accepted Jesus as Lord. These 2 events changed the world. Just think what you can do if you listen and obeyed God.

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Crain Blanchard.

A Breath that passes away, does not come again (Psalm78:39).

Psalm 78 is a story about the people of God being unfaithful to God, Jesus. God provided everything in their lives. He destroyed the people that oppressed them. He delivered them out of bondage. God performed miracles to set them free. Then provided whatever they needed. But they rebelled against God because they did not have beer and hamburgers. God destroyed many of these people and those that rebelled lost the promise of God, which was the promised land. At one point, Moses had to talk God out of killing all of them. Yes, I am talking about the Israelites. Just because you have asked God to forgive you and believe, does not mean that you will make it all the way home, heaven (Matt.21:23). All the Israelites that murmured against God, did not receive the promise. Even after the Israelites settled in the promised land, they lost the land twice because of sin. Sin separates us from God. And only our repentance and God’s forgiveness will restore us back to God. Our walk back to heaven, God, is our choice. No one can make us go to God and stay. We must choose God. And no one can stop us from choosing God and walking home. We are responsible for ourselves. I beg you choose life and come home to God, Jesus.

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Crain Blanchard.