What am I doing here?

I would wonder why I was on this earth? What was my purpose in this life. I fumbled around trying to find out who I was. My older brother introduced me to 2 guys who had an Amway business. They were looking for new people to join the business. We would meet in the morning for coffee. My brother was never there on time and I was always early. When I would get coffee and sit with these 2 guys, they never discussed business. They would be talking about what Jesus was doing in their lives. I would sit and listen. Finally one of them asked me to go to church. There God spoke to me and I knew where I belonged. At the end of the service, I gave my heart to Jesus  and was baptized in the Holy Ghost. That brother invited me to his home. There He and his wife taught me for months on how to walk in the way. Love ya, Kevin.

2 thoughts on “What am I doing here?

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