The Needs of People

How many people do you know including yourself, that struggle to achieve what they believe is their station in life. They want the biggest and best there is to offer in life. When I first started walking with God, He told me not to look at catalogs. He said it genders greed. God wanted me not to look at my life but the lives of ours and to see their needs. No matter what station in life they have, people are basically the same. Everyone has the same needs. In 1983, the Year of the Bible in the United States, Gallop poll took a poll in the US, to see what people wanted most in life. Not only were they surprised by the answer, but amazed at the three basic needs in life. The poll showed that people wanted love, joy and peace most in their lives. By the way, that is the first three gifts of the Holy Spirit that God gives freely to man. Look around and listen to see the needs of people.

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