The Way, The Truth and The Life

Did you know that when Jesus spoke these words in a parable, everyone around Him understood? You see, the temple was divided into 3 sections, the outer court, the inner court and the Holy of Holies. The outer court was for Jewish people and righteous Gentiles to come into the temple to offer sacrifices. The inner court was for the priest only. Now the Holy of Holies could only be entered into by the high priest once a year. Then the priests tied a rope around the high priest’s ankle. So if he died in the presence of God, they could pull him out of the holy of holies. The outer court was called the way, the inner court was called the truth and the holy of holies was called the life. Christians, non-Jewish followers of Christ were called the followers of the way. To most people amazement, Jesus has never been or will be a Christian. Jesus was and is an orthodox Jew. He isn’t Caucasian. He is a Middle Eastern Jew. He has a dark complexion. The bible says He was the most handsome man that live. The understanding of who He is comes with the knowledge of God.

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