Seeing isn’t Believing

There is a story in the bible about Moses going to Pharaoh after the plague of frogs came upon the Egyptians. God used frogs because it was one of Egyptian gods. The plague was great and there were frogs everywhere. Pharaoh asked Moses to pray and ask God to remove the frogs. Moses said ok, when do you want them gone? Pharaoh said something interesting. He said tomorrow. After everything that had happened and the destruction the frogs brought, he said tomorrow. When people come face to face with their sins, many times they will balk. Even though they know that it was the sin that got them into trouble in the first place. They will balk. Standing in the presence of God seeing your sins clearly isn’t something that feels good. You see everything. It is exposed by the light of God. God wants us to ask forgiveness so He can restore us to His kingdom. But isn’t it funny that man wants to run and hide from God. Just as Adam did in the Garden of Eden. The only way we can be set free is to face our sins in the presence of God. He will forgive and cleanse our hearts so we can live the good life He has promised. Think about it one more night with the frogs or not.

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