What Season Are We In

I wake up some mornings and wonder what day it is. It comes to me and I have to get up for work. Sometimes it goes beyond that I wonder what season I am in. God made the seasons to tell time. We have divided it into 4 seasons, fall, winter, spring and summer. I look at the civilizations of the past and see how they used the seasons to align their buildings. The pyramids of Giza are aligned with the constellation of Orion. Or the Mayans or Incas built observatories that follow the movement in the skies. I laugh when people say that aliens built the pyramids or the temples in South America. We aren’t descendants of monkeys. Those men in each civilization were smart and understood engineering. They used their understanding of the God and the heavens to build their culture. Yet there are more seasons than the 4 earthy seasons. Solomon looked at the seasons and understood what else there was. He said to every season there is a time. He knew that we went through different times in our lives. There is a time for life, for death, for anger, for hate, for love, for forgiveness, for planting, for harvesting and for everything that a man goes through. Solomon figured this out about 3000 years ago. Which was before all the other civilizations built all their pyramids or temples. God is who He says He is. And He does bring to pass His word as He says. God isn’t a man that He should lie. What season are we in? I pray it isn’t to last season on earth.

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