Winning the Battle

How many people have waged a battle against whatever? Everyone has waged a degree of war against an enemy. I ran track in high school. I had to run for endurance. I practiced daily until one day I ran the hundred yard dash in 10 seconds. I also was in the choir. We practiced every day to train my voice. There were many battles that I fought. When it came time for to serve in the military, it was no stretch of the imagination. I had been fighting battles all my life. But now the battles were serious because I was putting my life on the line. I have fought many enemies but my driving force was always to win. Until I came to God the battles were minor. As I learned of God, I became aware of how serious His battles are. They were always for someone life. I can’t tell you that I have won every battle. But I have won the majority. The cost is too high to do otherwise. It has taking a toll on me. I won’t tell you differently. I have trained as a soldier and have offensive weapons. These weapons are mighty and very powerful. I have prayed for hurricanes that were headed to my home on the Gulf Coast. They ended up in the deserts of Texas. I have prayed for electrical storms that never hit anything. But the biggest battle was against death itself. The battle lasted for 7 hours and the man lived. But the goal was always winning the battle. It took time and effort to get me to that place. I has been worth the effort to see God’s will come to pass. Anyone who is willing to put time and effort into developing their effectiveness in the plan of God should do so. I don’t know how long this world will last. But at the rate it is going, it is no hold barred.

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