What Jesus Wanted

God made a covenant with Abraham. Abraham’s part in this covenant was sacrifice his son Isaac to God. Abraham knew he had to believe that God was going to take care of the only son that God gave him. This was the test of Abraham’s faith. Abraham built an altar, tied his son and put him on the altar. He raised the dagger to kill his son, when God called out. He stopped Abraham from killing his son. By faith, Abraham was justified before God. Now it was God’s turn. Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit. He was born free from sin. He was and is the Lamb of God sacrificed for our sins. Jesus grew up in a normal home with a mom and dad. Went to school like the rest of us. He grew into a man knowing who He was and what God required of Him. Jesus had friends and family. He enjoyed life on this earth. When it came time for His death, He prayed not to die. In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus sweat blood praying not to die. But He knew why He was here and what God wanted. God gave Jesus a choice. But Jesus knew what His father wanted. So at the end of each prayer, He said, not My will but Yours be done. The bible says that on the cross His image was more marred than anyone. Jesus didn’t look like a human being. He was beaten to pieces. But Jesus went to the cross with joy to fulfill the covenant that God made with Abraham, mankind.

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