What is Peace? I can tell you what it isn’t. Peace is not the lack of turmoil. It isn’t a circumstance or situation. You can have peace in the middle of the worst possible situation. My peace has been tested a lot this year. I have an illness that I caused myself. I am taking medicine for it. My younger brother died this year. I have been discouraged by many circumstances this year. But the one thing I have never lost is the peace of God. I didn’t start out that way. God had to put me through the paces. You know if you ask God for something, you are liable to go through a trial. When I ask for boldness, God put me in situations where I needed boldness. When I asked for patience, God had mercy on me. I was deluged by annoying people. One in particular person used to insult me every time we met, especially at church. I wanted to lay hands on her suddenly and repeatedly. But God said I had the problem. So I begin to pray about this person. What happened is that she became a blessing to me. And she never changed. But I had changed for the better. All through this trial, I still had the peace of God. People look at me and say I am weak because I don’t fight back. I don’t fight back because I don’t need too. God is my avenger. The bible says let the peace of God keep your mind and heart. You can only do that if you trust and believe in that person. I started out with one goal in mind, which was to get to heaven. My Father called me to go home to Him. And the peace of God will take me all the way home.

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