The Power of God

As I was growing up I read stories in the bible about what God did for man. People who were rescued from lions, bears and any natural disaster that happened. I would think about the power it take to perform those miracles. When I was 12 years old, lightning struck a tree about 6 feet from me. It was 10pm and the sky became like daylight. I wondered about the power it took to make that bolt of lightning. I know of a preacher that was in Mexico and a bandit held him up. The bandit pointed a gun at his face. The preacher told him no and the bandit fired. He emptied his gun and all the bullets went between the preacher’s feet. The bandit handed the gun to the preacher and asked how he could meet Jesus. The power of God is very real. It is important in the work God has for us to do. When I began to walk with God, I wanted the power too. I saw how God gave His power to man to use in all kinds of situations. I definitely wanted this power in my life. God said if you want the power, you will have to be put into the situation before I give you the power. Elijah lived in 31/2 years of famine. He had to keep moving because most of the people wanted to kill him. David had to flee for his life because his father in law, King Saul wanted him dead. They killed Jesus because of the miracles He performed. You see God doesn’t give His power to just anyone. But when He does miracles happen. I held my 6 month old son as I walked into the hospital. He had spinal meningitis. The doctors if he lives, he will probably be a vegetable the rest of life. I had to be in the middle of the trial to see God’s power work. In 3 days God healed my son. The doctor didn’t know what had happen. But I told him it was a miracle from God. It is an awesome thing to move in the power of God, but remember it is for circumstances that need His power.

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