Values 1.2

The term values actually refer to morals. No one wants to call them morals because it has a religious connotation. Do you know that the US Army has begun teaching values as regular part of basic training? It is not hard to understand why. Do you know what a soldier is called if he doesn’t have any values? He is called a mercenary. Everybody knows what they are. The US Army recognized the need to teach soldiers values when they began recruiting people from the world. Yes, any person from any country, as long as he swears allegiance to the United States, can be a US soldier. You know what happens when trained soldiers have no morals. They become death squads, terrorists or an army for drug cartels. The US Army has had it fair share of problems in the past few years. During the Roman Empire, it was considered an honor for young men to serve in their military. So they never had lack of volunteers. Until the Roman people didn’t think of it as an honor anymore. So the Roman government started hiring foreign nationals to serve in their military. And voila, the end of the Roman Empire. Values are needed to have constraints on the people to live a normal life. Everybody wants a home, a family and prosperity. When all authority breaks down what do you have? What you have is Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. When the people of Kentucky didn’t want to pay the federal taxes on whiskey, George Washington sent his army to put down the rebellion. We don’t always agree on what is to be done to keep the peace. But we all know what is right and needs to be done. Values/Morals are needed in everyone’s life with no exceptions.

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