How much are you loved?

It is simple question. How much do people love you? You parents loved you enough to raise you. You know that it is estimated that parents will spend over $250,000 in one child’s lifetime. A quarter of a million dollars on 1 child’s life. By any gauge that is still a lot of money. But how much do people around you love you? Would any die for you? Would any lie for you? Would any protect you? Are your friends and family here today and gone tomorrow? You might find 1 or 2 people in your lifetime that would actually die for you. You are blessed if you have those people in your life. If you find a wife who believes in you that much, you are truly a blessed man. That is something to be protected and cared for. In my life, I could never find a person who was willing to be that close to me. One reason was I wasn’t that loveable. But still I looked and looked. Until 1 day I found a person who had loved me just because I was me. The relationship turned my life around. I was just so angry about not being loved that it made me unlovable. As I began to walk with this person, my angry began to fade away and love in my heart began to blossom. What it did was awake the love in heart not only for Him but for people. I began to care about people and what has happen to them. Of course, I am talking about Jesus. As I walk with Him, I prayed and prayed. As God changed people’s lives for the better. And all the time God was changing me.

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