Advent or Nativity Fast

Advent is the observance of 4 to 6 weeks before Christmas. It is observed by Western and Eastern Christians. It is to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ. Depending on where you live, the traditions vary from place to place. The Eastern Christians observe a fast for 6 weeks, while the Western Christians only observe Advent on the 4 Sundays before Christmas. It was started by the 12 apostles to mimic Yom Kippur. If you don’t know what Yom Kippur is, it is the preparation of oneself for the coming of the New Year. This was a time to repent of your sins and to get right with God. So everyone could start right with God in the New Year. This past Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. Yom Kippur was an ordinance of God. That meant that everyone had to follow God’s commandment to get their lives right. Advent is voluntary. It is the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament. With the coming of Jesus and opening heaven to everyone who will believe, it is up to the individual to respond to God’s calling. It is a good tradition and should be followed. Although Christianity isn’t popular in most western cultures, God still hasn’t given up on man. It is funny how when there is a national disaster, people seek God for help. As I see the national news there has been a national disaster almost every week. So why haven’t more people responded to God’s call. What are you waiting for? Does the disaster have to strike your family before you are willing? All you have to do is ask God and He will respond to you.

One thought on “Advent or Nativity Fast

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