Attitudes of the Heart

Remember your heart is who you are. Your heart is your mind, will and intellect. This is the part of you that is eternal. This is what most people call your spirit. Everything you have ever learn is stored in your spirit. All the good things, bad things, everyday experiences are there for you to recall. This shapes what you believe and who you are. So the attitudes of your heart are important part of your life. Each of us are basically the same. We each have parents and came into the world the same way. This is where we differ. According to where we were born and taught as a child determined what we became when we grew up. I like just about most foods. You can tell that by the size of my belly. I like to cook also. My latest thing is jams and jellies. I will taste them to get the consistency right but I can’t eat them because of the diabetes. I don’t want it or need it, but it is there because of my life style or because of what my parents had. Yet I am not going to quite just because I am being tested. I am determined and persistent. It is an attitude that I developed when I was a child. So might say I am stubborn. But I am not stupid about what I will or will not do. I have a positive attitude that everything will work out like it is supposed to do. And no matter what happens every morning is new and ready for me to begin my life anew. I didn’t always think like this. It took a force of nature to change me into the person I am today. That force had to move heaven and earth for me to believe and trust that I had hope for the future. I have only found that hope in one person, God’s own son, Jesus.

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