I have seen a lot about freedom lately. And the general idea is that you can do what you want. But that isn’t what freedom is about. If you give freedom to one person, you have to take it from another one. We have basic freedoms here in the United States that most people don’t have in the rest of the world. How do we have those freedoms? We are basically a people based upon English law. The England pride themselves on their system of laws. It started with the Magna Carta, which is still in effect today. The English have built a system of laws to protect their freedoms. As English subjects, we Americans demanded the same rights as our brethren in England. That is when war was declared against us by England and of course you know the outcome. It was the single biggest mistake the English have ever made. We have built our country on laws to protect our freedoms. We made sure that our freedoms were just and right. We were all in this together. Which has been an ongoing process. Our freedoms where not meant to take away other people’s freedom. Our laws are there to preserve all of our freedoms. America has more freedoms that most people because we are willing to fight to preserve them. As the old cliché says, freedom isn’t free. It has been preserved with many lives of Americans. When America was settled by the English colonists, England not unable to station troops everywhere, stationed an arsenal in most major communities to be able to protect ourselves. That is why we have the freedom to bear arms for our protection. Freedom always has come with responsibility. To be able to have freedoms, there are things that we must do. One is to obey the laws we have set up to rule us. Obeying is part and partial to being free. As the bible says, for whom the Lord has set free, is free indeed.

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