Dependent Beings

Why are we as interdependent as human beings? As newborns we as a species are the most dependent of all the animals. It takes us longer to mature than any other. We rely on our parents all of lives. We grow up and become adults with children of our own and still depend on our parents. It is like it is a never-ending circle. We are social beings that live in close proximity of each other. Yes we like our space but you that is getting smaller and smaller all the time. I have seen the TV reality show about people living in the wilds of Alaska. What is interesting about the show is that people want to live like that. Living apart from people does appeal to me. But I look at what I need and see that being around people is the only way I am going to survive. So we have developed skills for dealing with people. Some are harder than others to develop. But to be able to living on our own we must have skills. Our parents teach us the skills they know to prepare us for life. Sometimes they are just what we need. But I see the lack of skills in a lot of people. That is when it get hard to live or accomplish things in our lives. It funny how our teenage years were a practice time for developing skills. It seemed so difficult for somethings and easy for others. Love relationships always seem the hardest thing to do. It was always by trial and error. The affairs of the heart always seem to hurt. But those skills if accomplished help us to make our way into the world of marriage. Being dependent was always the plan for God. We were made with a part missing. We needed to fill that part with God to be completed. Many had filled that part with alcohol, drugs, sex, power or crystals. But you can’t fill your life if anything but God and expect to be whole in this life. Or to be whole in the life to come. All you have to do is ask and He will answer you. Be complete in your life and ask.

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