Perceiving is Believing

What you see is a reflection. What you hear is an echo. Scientist say that everything including molecules are in motion. So that everything isn’t solid. We perceive that a brick wall is solid. If we try to run through it you would get a nasty headache. Although there is truth to the statement. This world is temporary and in the end roll up like a scroll and disappear. So it is what you perceive is the truth or what you believe. In a gubernatorial election, I heard the incumbent say that the new governor had won the hearts of the people. That is a perception. I have seen this principle work over and over again. So many times the news media will target a candidate and try to destroy his acceptability by telling lies. I lived through Hurricane Katrina. Without a doubt, everything the media said about what was going on in New Orleans was an outright lie. They retracted their statements about a month later. By that time the damage was done. The presidential race is full of lies that the news media repeats and repeats until people believe what they are telling is the truth. Or they will push one candidate over another because it fits their beliefs. Because everything is in motion you can’t trust what your eyes see or what your ears hear. That old saying if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So what do you do? Who can be trusted with the truth? And where can we find this person or persons who will speak the truth? There are moral absolutes in this world. People already know what they are. Because they are written in your heart and mind. And who wrote these truths in our heart and in our minds? You already know the answer to that question. It isn’t what any man has to say. It is only what God has to say on any given subject. Mine isn’t to reason why, mine is to do and die.

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