Everybody is out of school, both high school and college. When I graduated from high school, my parents were going on a trip to California for 2 weeks. I thought I was to grown-up to go on a trip with my parents. My 2 younger brothers went and had a great time. I missed a trip of a lifetime. I still have never made it to California. It is funny that works. My wife and I have gone on several summer trips with my family. I wanted my sons to enjoy traveling as much as I do. My parent believed that traveling was as good an education as school. They took us everywhere on trips. I tried to do the same for my children. Traveling exposes you to different kinds of people. I remember some were good and some not. But all the people we met gave me a unique perspective. One summer my third son, between his junior and senior year, told me that he was going to lay around the house and watch TV. I told him that he had to get a job. He found a job as a camp counselor. It was one of the best summers he spent. Summer vacation never lasts as long as we want. But if you plan it right it can be productive. I have always hear people talk about having school 12 months a year. But no one have ever done it. Summertime can be a wonderful time for Parents and children. All you have to do is invest yourself in your children’s lives. And you will reap the rewards.


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