You have heard stories about people who have displayed courage in their lives. My favorite stories about courage are the ones about King David when he was a young man. When he was actually king, his life wasn’t filled with these stories. As a young man, he had hope and a vision of what he could be. Like every young person, they look at what could be if only they would step up to the plate. Courage is never a great man doing something great. It is always an ordinary person taking a chance and doing what they think is right. Standing up for what they believe and not backing down even if it kills them. Courage is a value that is gone after by most everyone. And for sure, it will cost you something. If it doesn’t cost you personally, it isn’t worth anything. You should never discourage young people from making good decisions that will propel them forward in life. I have seen people with a vision that have changed the world. They did it a little at a time and they were changed forever. It takes courage, but you can’t get courage until you are willing to step out and believe. It is almost a catch 22. But when you take courage and use it to change the world, it is no holds barred. It is interesting if you want courage, you have to step out in faith to receive. It is amazing.


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