A Saga

My younger brother was researching our family for years. When I became interested in the history of our family. I wanted to see who they were and what they did. My search took me in 4 different directions. There was my father and his parents. Then there was my mother and her parents. Two of the families are from France. One family is from Italy. Another is from Scotland and Ireland. And you wouldn’t believe some of the people in my family. In my mother’s family is the frontiersman Kit Carson and Daniel Boone. These men were Scots-Irish. Francoise Boutte was one of Jean Lafitte’s lieutenants. This family is from France. My dad’s family came to this country in 1637. They landed in Boston. My family fought for the British and against them in the American Revolution. They fought in the War of 1812. They fought in the Civil War on both sides. They fought in WWI. My dad and his brothers fought in WWII. My brother and I were in the Vietnam War. My 3 of my sons served in Iraq and Afghanistan. My great, great grandfather lost his eye and arm in the Civil War. He, his brother and sons walked to Louisiana in 1866 from Alabama. Almost all of that side of the family have red hair. This is a Scottish trait. With all the twist and turns my family faced, they kept on walking forward. Everything changed for them. And it still is changing. It is the only constant in this world that we can count on. That is why the saga of my family isn’t over yet. It is still being made and written down. Until we all go home. Until tomorrow.




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