Let’s begin again

It is easier said than done to begin again. I was telling someone today about losing my house and things to the flood. I began to feel the anguish again. It isn’t easy although it is sometimes necessary. Many things that I thought were important in my life turned out not to be. It didn’t mean that I wouldn’t have kept them, but they were destroyed by the flood. So, I have to begin again. I am not starting at scratch again. I have all the memories and knowledge I have acquired along the way. I have been using that information to write this blog. One the 1st things I asked God for was wisdom and understanding. He let me see things and understand what was going on. I didn’t always want to see the truth, but it is there. I’ll tell you a truth, that it is a pain in the rear to begin again. We sold our house and are looking for a new one. All I can say to that is, God have mercy on my soul. Talking to real estate people, listening to their pitch and telling them maybe, is well painstaking. I was a real estate agent once and didn’t like it much. Although, I know that I needed to begin again, I didn’t want to. You see there is a plan for our lives that God reveals to us a little at a time. We don’t see the big picture all the time, because we would try to take it over and screw it up. God shows us a piece of the puzzle and lets us deal with that for a while. It is where faith and trust come into play. If we don’t have both faith and trust in play, our lives fall apart. I have walked with God for 40 years. I have found that the more I believe and trust Him, the better my life is. And so I begin again.




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