Thankful for a new day.

I was watching the evening news looking at all the people who are traveling this holiday. The airlines can’t catch up to the demand. There is a snow storm from Georgia to New York state. There were so many cancelled flights. The trains and buses are full and traffic is backed up from here to there. By the time most of these people get where they are going, it will be time to go back home. There is a different mood this year in America. For most of my life I have watched people intensely from November to January. And the bad mood most people are in doesn’t happen until they begin to spend serious money for Christmas. But it is more than just a bad mood. Most people are glad the presidential election in over. But it is more like people have been beaten up and they are tired and wounded. It is an unsettling predicament. Thanksgiving is here. There will be food, family, friends, football and naps, not necessarily in that order. I know that I will try to make the best of it for my family. I am truly thankful for our health, wealth and spiritual prosperity. If you are among the wounded, it’s time to count your blessings. To see what you have and are grateful for. And I tell you that things won’t look as bad if you do. Then you can have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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