Each New Day

For each new day brings hope for a better life. Hope springs eternal. It’s funny how our hearts seek out hope. Wanting to believe there is a new and better way to live. And we will go to great lengths to find hope in something. Unfortunately, many people turn to silly or ridiculous things to obtain hope. Why is there such a drive in us? What do we want to accomplish when we find this hope? I have seen people despair because they didn’t find hope in their pursuit. There is nothing created that will satisfy that need in your heart and especially something manmade. It is the Creator that give us hope, not the creature. And when you mention the name of God, people run or criticize you. Man, has no power to change a thing, especially to give you hope. And if you find someone inspirational, it isn’t by their own power. We are the creature not the Creator. What I am trying to do is get people to hope and then believe and trust in God. Everyone strives to improve themselves through every kind of way possible. But there is only one way to have hope that last for an eternity. It is through faith in God. This is believing and trusting in God Himself. Then you will have hope that springs eternal. Because each new day bring new hope for a better life.




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