Changes that remain the Same

All my life I have heard, the more everything changes, the more it remains the same. All you have to do is look in the mirror and you will see the changes. Time doesn’t stop for anyone. Young or old, time will change us into the person we really are. It’s being who we really are that sometimes takes getting used to. We all wanted to be super heroes, important and powerful people. But for the most part, we have become average citizens with families, friends and mortgages. This isn’t a bad thing. It is just something unexpected. We all have high hopes of adventure and romance. And sometimes it really does happen. After the Vietnam War, I took a year and traveled all over the country. I lived in several places and enjoyed the journey. But in the end, I got homesick and came back home. That is one thing that doesn’t change. Home is where your heart is. People will come and go. Some will remain friends all your life. But family is a constant in our lives. We grow up and have babies. They grow up and have babies. It is a cycle that keeps repeating itself with every generation. We will work to provide for our family. We will raise children and so on. We are all different people who do the same thing. You see we are a large family, even though we don’t believe that we all speak the same language. That language is family. The basic unit of life that God gave to us. Despite, all the differences, we will be joined together as a family in the end. No one is left out. Everyone is invited to come back home. it is all up to us what we do. But can’t you hear our Father calling us to come home.


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