It seems, as of late, to have become a dirty word. The root word is disciple. It means follower or student. Discipline means to follow and learn of the teacher. Discipline is necessary in our lives. We hopefully learn it from our parents and apply it to our lives. But it isn’t always the case. Sometimes we learn it from the military or from the hard knocks of life. But discipline needs to be part of our lives so we can live a worthwhile life. The breakdown in the discipline of family values didn’t happen with yesterday’s shooting. It didn’t happen with last year’s disaster. It happened when people didn’t value in our parent’s wisdom. It happened when we decided to do our own thing. It happened when we thought we knew better than the wisdom of the ages. Rebellion is needed in our lives to get us up and out of our parent’s house. But it isn’t necessary to live a good life. To live a life of rebellion with no discipline will only led to one conclusion, death. For an example, all you have to look at is the evening news. Even in this Christmas season, there is nothing but death and destruction on the evening news. Correction will bring sorrow, but it is what is needed. Not the sorrow that you got caught, but the sorrow that leads to repentance. Repentance will show us that we need discipline in our lives. And with the sorrow, we will change for the better. In this Christmas season, remember where we came from and return to the one who help us live a disciplined life. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




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