A Square peg in a Round hole

Have you ever felt like that? We spend a lifetime finding out where we belong. It is unfortunate that some people never find their place in life. It’s like wandering in the desert to find water and not finding it. When we find our place, it is funny how things work in our lives. It doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be resistance to our place. I know that when I found my place, the battle began. It was a battle to keep the place I found for myself. And I tell you a truth, I was shielded from the battle for a long time. It wasn’t until I was strong enough to face it myself. But when I enter the battle, it was amazing what happened. I saw so many miracles that it is hard sometimes to comprehend. You see I am a Christian soldier. I know how to wage warfare. I don’t fight flesh and blood. My battle is in the spiritual realm. I fight against principalities, spiritual wickedness and powers in the air. Sometimes I get beat up. When I do, I retreat back to God. Where I know that I will be refreshed and renewed and ready to go back to the battle. My battles aren’t over things of this world. My battles are for the lives of people. If I don’t fight the good fight of faith, people will die and are bound for hell. That is why sometimes I feel like a square peg in a round hole. But I have found my place in life and it is next to God.




One thought on “A Square peg in a Round hole

  1. CAHOONA BOUDINI (www.christiancadence.blogspot.com): We were created to “fit in” ONLY one place: In HIS Presence! Of course we’re a “square peg in a round hole” if we attempt to do so elsewhere, regardless of how affirming or appealing it may appear. “This world is NOT our home. We’re just passing through.”

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