Being Alone

I guess there is nothing more unsettling than being alone. When we are born, it is into a family. This group of people, who will love and take care of us until we are able. It doesn’t always happen that way. Through different circumstances, we may lose the people that are closest to us. Then we have to face the world alone. We all have a coping mechanism. And we carry on as best as possible. But we were not made to live alone. That is a hole inside of us that can only be filled with social interaction of people. Our need is driven by a desire that we don’t even understand. But it was given to us by our creator for a very special reason. If God had not put our desire for each other, mankind would have died off long ago. But it doesn’t stop there. That desire drives us to do things that we normally don’t want to. We want to know a person and be able to talk to them. To share our dreams and desires with someone who will listen. And yet the one person, who is known by all, is the most neglected of all. God is known by everyone on this earth. 1000’s of years ago, He wrote His laws in our hearts. So, we could know Him. When we were young, we could hear God speak to our hearts. But as we got older and didn’t listen anymore, His voice faded from our memory. His is still there and all we have to do is talk to Him. God said He would never leave or forsake us. And unlike man, God keeps His promises. This is the reason I am never alone.


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