History repeats itself

As important as our lives are there is no discernable sense of direction. It seems that our lives just float along until something hits and moves us one way or the other. Why don’t people remember from one generation to the other? Wars are fought because of selfishness and jealousy. Where whole generations are wiped out and no one remembers how terrible it really is. Why is the honor of sacrifice only reserved for soldiers on the battle field? Where is the honor for those that sacrifice their lives for you to live a decent life? Or where is the honor for those who loved so much that they sacrificed their lives to change the world where you live? You see history repeats itself. Most people have short term memory and their long-term memory fogs out. Most people’s focus is on the here and now. They are more concerned on food, clothing and shelter than where they are today. It is a sad commentary on the human race. But what is to done with mankind so they will understand and change their world? This is where push comes to shove. Change is the word for the day. But change takes effort on our part. Is not always easy, but it is very simple. So, is this where history repeats itself or we are going to improve our lives. It is funny or I should say it terrible that people know how to change their lives and just won’t. It takes 30 days of doing something different to change a habit. Are you willing to change, then stand up and be counted. We need people all those people today.




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