But Not Yet

We all want to receive our reward for services rendered. You are expected to work and do the job placed before us. You want to do your best at whatever you do, so you can have a legacy. It is important for our self-esteem and the people around us to respect our efforts. But it doesn’t always go that way. Sometimes everything just goes sideways. And you feel like running away. I guess one of the toughest things I had ever done is to stand up and taking my share of the blame for a botched endeavor. I don’t like being blame for something I didn’t do. I want to lash out at people who, for a lack of a better term, throw you under the bus. I was at the grocery store and saw this older woman being an absolute pain to the cashier. I saw the cashier’s angry. But I also saw the pain in this woman’s heart. And how she found no relief anywhere. And I knew that my time and work on this earth wasn’t over. Although I want to go home to heaven and God, He said to me, but not yet. There is still too much work left to be done on this earth. Each of us has work to do on this earth. When it is time to leave, we will go home. So, I am caught between this world and the next. As Paul said, it is better for everyone else to stay here on earth. My reward is still there and waiting for me. It piles up in heaven, just waiting for me to get there. So, until that time, I will be working here, doing God’s work on earth. You see my time to go isn’t here yet.





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