Principle of Diminishing Returns

It states that at some point in time, everything will produce less and less return for its value. It is a principle that applies to economics. Unfortunately, it also applies to people. The effort you put into another person will produce less and less return. Or as the saying goes, no bang for the buck. It is a cynical attitude applied to people. And I must say a very common one. Where people are only interested in people who can help them and not in helping people who need help. Giving is a fundamental aspect of human life. When you give without expecting a return, it satisfies a basic need in our soul. In the south, we call it hospitality. It is extended to every person no matter who they are. I will open doors or help someone in need, no matter what. It doesn’t take a great effort, but produces a great result. The principle works in reverse, with a little effort, it has ripple effect upon humanity. My efforts aren’t earth shattering, but produce a lasting effect. And that is what is about. You know people like that. They have a great testimony and people remember them. And with the remembrance, your efforts are multiplied. As the saying goes, do unto others as you would have them do to you.


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