Your Eyes are never full of Seeing

It is true, we are always looking at things. We love to look at sunsets, landscapes, wild animals, clouds or anything that capture our imagination. Things of beauty are especially satisfying to us. And of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Consider the lilies of the fields, how they are clothed with beauty beyond what any man can do. My favorite flower is the amaryllis. It only blooms once a year, but they are spectacular when they do. I look forward each year to see this bloom. Then there is a beauty that you can see without your eyes. And we are always looking for this beauty. It is called the eyes of your heart. You didn’t know that your heart had eyes. They do. And most of the time, your heart sees clearer than your physical eyes. Because your heart sees the truth through everything. It is funny how that it works so well. Now, your heart can be blocked with pain, grief or despair. But usually, if your heart is clouded with pain, it is looking even harder than normal. Your physical eyes can be deceived and sometimes aren’t to be trusted. Our eyes see reflections, not the real object. But our heart always sees the truth, even when we don’t want to see it. Our children see what is real and can cut through to the truth. They aren’t weighted down by the troubles of this world. Or should I say, the pain of reality. But God gave us this sight for a real reason. We can see clear the truth about Him. You see, our eyes aren’t full yet of seeing the truth, God Himself.



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