Isn’t it Funny

Isn’t it funny, unusual, would be a better word, how man becomes wilder if God doesn’t zap him right away. So many people think that just because God doesn’t punish them right away, that they have a pass from God. Just the contrary is the truth. God will give a person enough rope to hang themselves. Then the punishment will follow. Unfortunately sometimes it is utter destruction. God isn’t a toy or game or a weak person that can be tricked by man. God knows before you even say it. So many people have chosen or more appropriately not chosen God and His way to their own shame. Going to church and putting money in the offering doesn’t make you a Christian. There are going to be so many people in the church that are going to be reject because they never knew Jesus. To become a son you have to trust and believe in God. The bible says that the heart of man is the most deceitful thing on earth. Not deceive yourself, God isn’t mock, nor is He a man to believe a lie. Choose God and choose life. See what He will do for you if you ask.


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